New Year's Message from Heather-Dawn Small

Well, here we go again. Another year to make some changes in our lives. Sometimes we get caught in the trap of making resolutions that we find hard to fulfill. Our intention is good but the follow-through is our challenge. I’ve come to realize that we can make resolutions at any time of the year but our resolutions must be made in partnership with the only One who can re-create our lives and that is Jesus Christ. Read more

New Year's Message from Raquel Arrais

This year I promise to do.... I really want to.... I intend to....

Have you ever made these promises to yourself at the start of a New Year? I have—many times. I’ve learned that New Year’s is a great time to discuss the interesting occurrences of the past year: the good times, the bad times, the frustrating times, the challenging times, lessons we learned from our experiences, what God showed us, and how He was faithful through all of it, and reflecting on the changes we want to make—a time to make personal resolutions. And a time to reaffirm one thing: that in our ever-changing world, one person remains unchanging—our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our foundation. Read More