“God in Shoes”

Southern Ghana | WAD WM | October 16, 2022 | Omobonike Sessou

Adventist women give personal care packets with shoes and sandals to community women in need.

“God in Shoes” outreach activities gift Seventh-day Adventist women the opportunity to interact with other women in their communities who have needs that our church members can address, such as, distributing shoes and sandals and personal items. The goal of giving gifts is to build relationships with community women and to pray for them and with them.

Women in Southern Ghana visited a local community center, October 9, 2022, where not only shoes and sandals were given but other personal items as well. These women in need received packets with toilet rolls, bottled water, mats, Butta, veils, Wodasobo (scarfs) and sachet water (cologne). The recipients were also happy to pray with our women.

Photo credit: Southern Ghana Union Conference WM
Written by Omobonike Sessou, Women’s Ministries director of West-Central African Division (WAD)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q4