"When a great and decisive work is to be done, God chooses men and women to do this work, and it will feel the loss if the talents of both are not combined" (Ellen G. White, Evangelism, p. 469).

When God Chooses Women

Women have always played an important part in the work of the church, even in biblical times. In the history of the Adventist church, women have served in almost all capacities, filling a wide variety of roles. It is important that we take note of their accomplishments to encourage us to preserve and to inspire future generations to take up the tasks their forebearers faithfully carried out.

Each of these women is important in her own right. She is also a representative of the thousands who have labored and worked in each of the fifty-year periods of the Adventist Church history indicated in this brochure. Still today, distinguished women are often unknown and unnoticed.

Thousands of other women could, and should be mentioned, but we trust that the example of these faithful women will be a blessing as you use your gifts for God.


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“All who work for God should have the Martha and the Mary attributes blended — a willingness to minister and a sincere love of the truth. Self and selfishness must be put out of sight. God calls for earnest women workers, workers who are prudent, warmhearted, tender, and true to principle. He calls for persevering women who will take their minds from self . . . and will center them on Christ, speaking words of truth, praying with the persons to whom they can obtain access, laboring for the conversion of souls.”
—Ellen G. White, Testimony Treasures, vol. 2, p. 405