SAD News | Chile | June 28, 2022 | Rosse Ramírez

Baptisms highlight women's evangelism day

The women of the church have always stood out for their commitment and active participation in evangelistic work.

The women of the church have always stood out for their commitment and participation in missionary work.

Under the motto “I Will Reach My World,” the Missionary Sabbath of Adventist Women was celebrated, June 4, 2022, to reaffirm the missionary commitment to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19, NKJV), through different strategies and activities led and executed by the ladies of the Adventist Church.

In the Chilean territory, the sisterhood raised its banner and mobilized in various missionary and social actions such as visiting a friend, or a sister who stopped congregating in church, visiting a sick person, a nursing home, organizing tea with friends, to develop a Bible course, and others.

"Tea with Friends"

This year, 318 Tea gatherings with friends have been activated throughout the country. This project, which is characterized by companionship and fraternization, in addition to developing some activity of interest, has as its objective the realization of a Bible course with the guests, who are called “friends of hope.” In one of the districts in the south of Chile, a group of sisters devised the Tea with friends at home to facilitate the participation of more guests.

"Discover Faith"

Something also special was the beginning of the study of the Bible course “Discover Faith,” which was recently produced by the Chile Union Mission. There were nine thousand copies that reached the hands of missionary ladies to develop it with their friends of hope.


In some congregations, this commemoration was rewarded with a baptismal celebration, the fruit of the missionary work carried out throughout the year, through various activities of the Women's Ministry of the local churches.

Women's Ministries Day Is Evangelistic

“The Adventist Women’s Missionary Sabbath is an opportunity to remember that we have all received a call from the Lord, to fulfill the mission of preaching the gospel of salvation,” emphasized Waleska Blu, Women’s Ministries department director of Chile Union Mission. She made an invitation and call for each lady to get involved in that purpose. “I pray to God that you can be a woman at His service, who brings bread and relief, a woman who shows God's love to everyone.”

“A Woman at Your service”

Certainly, a song can best describe the yearnings of the heart. Many songs are sung to God by way of gratitude, worship, request, and praise. And it is through a song that the Women’s Ministries in Chile wanted to capture the desire to be instruments at the service of God, a song that has become the theme song of the ministry.

Listen below to the beautiful song, "A Woman at Your Service," that has become the theme song of Women's Ministries in Chile (a YouTube video in Spanish).

By Rosse Ramírez, Press Advisor—Social Media for Chile Union Mission in the South American Division (SAD)

This article was originally published on the Español website of SAD News.

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q2&3