Women's Ministries Emphasis Day 2023

Across central Europe, women plan and lead church services that are enriched with a message of God's love, a love that shapes our choices, a love that transforms us.

Spanish Union of Churches Conference

Spain | EUD WM news | WM Spain | June 14, 2023

June 10 was Women's Ministries Emphasis Day. In many churches of the Spanish Union, the contribution of women—in the past, present, and future—to the fulfillment of our call to mission was highlighted.

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Spain | EUD WM news | Andrea Renigifo | June 25, 2023

"A Love That Transforms" was the title of the program that took place on the Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day, June 17, 2023, at the Seville Adventist Church. It was a very special Sabbath, full of unique moments.

The Children's Moment contained a story with a message of Jesus' great love for us. Antonella Carrasquel motivated the children to fully trust in God no matter how difficult the situation may be.

The theme song, "Love in Action," contained the message that if we say we love God, then why should we find it hard to love others? Next, we glorified God's name with praise to God for His presence in all our circumstances.

The theme of the day was "A love that transforms," and the sermon was presented by Erika Valverde. It was a wonderful theme, which led us to reflect on whether we really live the love of Jesus in our lives. How easy it is to love the ones who love us, but not easy to love the ones who hurt us! We need the Holy Spirit every day, He is the one who convicts us of sin and admonishes us to do good. The Lord can give us a love that transforms us if we ask Him for it.

Afternoon program: Women of the Bible and Me
In the afternoon we continued with the project "The Women of the Bible and Me" and "Menopause, Part 2." "Women of the Bible and Me" was presented by Rosario Quispe. We have much to learn from the women mentioned in the Bible: women who traveled a similar path to the one we live today, with trials, difficulties, and victories, thanks to their total dependence on God.

Dr. Genesis Olivar spoke on the topic "Menopause, part 2." We extended the invitation to the men because we consider that it is important that they also know this important stage that we go through as women and thus foster good communication, understanding, and relationship as a family. It is wonderful to see how God created us so perfect and unique.

Going through each stage as women, we learned from Dr. Genesis Olivar how our human organism works. We also received tips on nutrition; physical exercise; self-esteem and personal acceptance. The Lord was wise to let us know the eight healthy habits, and it is up to us to follow His advice.

We ended the workshop by giving each lady the study guide: "The Women of the Bible and Me," with its respective card, as a commemoration of the emphasis day for Adventist Women's Ministry 2023.

We thank God for allowing us to serve Him through this ministry, motivating other women to His service, making the love of Jesus known through our testimony, and by being a blessing to anyone who needs it.

Photo credit: WM Spain
According to a report by Andrea Rengifo, WM director for the Seville Adventist Church
Originally posted at: https://revista.adventista.es/un-amor-que-transforma-en-sevilla/

Italian Union of Churches Conference

Italy | EUD WM news | WM Italy | July 7, 2023

On June 10, 2023 Women's Ministries Emphasis Day was observed in churches in northern Italy.

In the church in Bovisio Masciago, near Milan, the speaker was Franca Zucca, retired Women’s Ministries director for Italy. The title of her sermon was "A Love That Precedes Our Choices," a theme that speaks of the Lord's unconditional love. God begins His process of grace by showing love to every person, regardless of whether they make right or wrong choices. After a fellowship lunch, the women gathered again together to talk about forgiveness, and how it should be implemented. Several women shared their experiences. It was important as a help for we who are on the path to eternal life together. In conclusion, they promised to be available to each other.

The church in Caravaggio, in the province of Bergamo, had Mirela Pascu, a psychologist and psychotherapist, as its guest speaker, who delivered the sermon. In her message, she invited the participants to reflect on how we can be instruments of goodness and love for others by placing ourselves in the Lord's hands every day. She cited various biblical passages: 1 Peter 4:10, 11; Matthew 25:40; Galatians 6:2; 2 Thessalonians 3:3; James 4:17.

In the afternoon, Pascu gave a seminar on emotions. Several people who came from other neighboring communities, Bergamo and Pavia, were also present. They learned what emotions are and then how to recognize and know how to handle them. The speaker explained how important it is to teach children to express their emotions starting at an early age. The first five or six years of life are crucial for the development of positive or negative emotions, which will profoundly affect the life of the future adult. Mothers play a very important role in the development of their children's emotional baggage. Thinking back to our childhood, each of us can surely discern the emotional conditioning of the family environment that parents, and especially mothers, passed on to us.

With the help of the Holy Spirit in us, we can cultivate emotional intelligence and become more empathetic. Pascu invited us to meditate daily on the biblical texts of Romans 12:2 and Psalm 37:4.

Photo credit: WM Italy
According a report from Lina Ferrara, director of Women's Ministries in Italy

Romanian Union Conference

Romania | EUD WM news | Liliana Radu | June 19, 2023

A special service was organized and broadcast on the Romanian Hope Channel on Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day. The spiritual message presented on the occasion of Women's Ministries Emphasis Day was delivered by Alina Lupu in the Adventist Church of Buhuși, Bacău County. She is the director of the Women's Ministries of Moldavia Conference.

The presentation was entitled "Love that leads us to decisions" and highlighted God's unconditional love at work in people's lives shown through sacrifice, grace, kindness, and patience, giving us a true model to follow. This was aired on Hope TV's "Life from the Word" on June 10, 2023. May God be glorified in all things!

If you would like to watch the whole service, you can access the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0urf2COs7vc

Photo credit: WM Romania
Reported by Liliana Radu, director of Women's Ministries, Romanian Union

Mutenia Conference

Romania | EUD WM News | Camelia Bereș | June 19, 2023

Women's Ministries Emphasis Day was also observed in the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Constanta, "Speranța" community. The morning devotional was held by Camelia Bereș and was entitled "Women Without a Name" (with particular reference to the Samaritan and Canaanite women) and brought to the attention of the audience the value that Jesus gives to women regardless of their status and the fact that He is not only concerned with their salvation but also with the quality of their life on earth, their happiness and the development of the potential that they still have not discovered. The women were lovingly called never to forget that they have a special place in the heart and concerns of Jesus and a mission to bring the message of divine love to the world.

The message of the sermon was taken from the material prepared especially for women by the General Conference called "Love that Leads Us to Decisions." It was presented by a team of eight young women. On this occasion, God's unconditional love was brought to the attention of the approximately 90 people from the beginning, through the passage from 1 John 4:10-11 "God first loved us." The poem "You are Pure Love!" composed by Geanina Tîrlea, especially for this occasion was presented by the author herself, accompanied on the piano by Sarah.

In the afternoon, the seminar "Love that changes us: mature and holistic emotional transformation" was presented by Geanina Ganea. She emphasized that God's love leads us to spiritual maturity to live a full, transformed life for the glory of God.

The joy of Sabbath fellowship was matched by uplifting music performed by local musicians.

Photo credit: WM Romania
According to a report by Camelia Bereș, program coordinator, Speranța community, Constanța, Romania

South Transylvania Conference

Romania | EUD WM news | Anna Nădășan | June 23, 2023

June 10, 2023, was a special day in the Adventist Church calendar, namely, International Women's Ministries Day. In the Adventist Church of Târgu Mureș A, it was a day of joy, fellowship, and prayer. We felt that we have a great need to pray together with all the sisters around the world. The Holy Spirit blessed us with a special feeling in our souls, and fellowship with God united us with all the sisters in the world.

The theme "Love that leads us to decisions" touched our hearts and we understood that to carry the Gospel as Jesus did, we must first have His love in our hearts. This is our daily ministry. Let us pray continually for Him to keep us close to Himself and transform us. Let us wholeheartedly love Him and our neighbor as ourselves.

Several women from outside the church graced us with their presence. We rejoiced together and felt how God's love united us and gave joy to our souls, resolving to continue to pray together. The program ended with a fellowship meal in the church courtyard and a moment of praise to God. The sun's rays warmed us from the outside and our hearts were warmed by the love of Jesus. The many hugs that brought us together, along with the promise that we will always serve God with joy and with hearts full of His love, made this a very blessed Sabbath.

Photo credit: WM Romania
As reported by Anna Nădășan, director of Women's Ministries, South Transylvania Conference, Romania

Moldavia Conference

Romania | EUD WM news | Alina Lupu | July 11, 2023

The love for God and serving others made the Women's Ministries Emphasis Day special also in the Bacau - Center church. Women served through song, prayer, devotion, word, and fellowship.

Those who dared to step forward had the blessed opportunity for special prayer. First-time visitors received a gift from the WM department. All those present and those who watched the Facebook broadcast enjoyed the special music.

Later everybody enjoyed the special meal beautifully organized by the women of the local church.

Photo credit: WM Romania
Reported by Alina Lupu, director of Women's Ministries, Moldavia Conference, Romania