Girls for Christ Continues to Meet During the Pandemic

Seven girls participate in a Girls4Christ activity in Neugablonz, Germany.

Inter-European Division (EUD)

[Germany] On April 17, 2021, seven girls came together for a Girls4Christ day in Neugablonz, Germany. As the group was so small, it was easy to adhere to the rules for social distancing. Unfortunately, we were not able to eat or sing together, something that we really missed.

Claudia told us in her devotional about Esther, who saved the Jewish people from death through her deep, constant faith as well as her strength and courage.

Afterwards we sewed a purse or a leather basket with leather without needle and thread. The games in between were fun and we didn't want to stop. But unfortunately - due to Corona - we couldn't stay together for very long, so at the end we prayed a "popcorn prayer" together with the help of Bible verses and then we had to say goodbye again. The time was much too short and we hope that in the summer there will not be such a hard lockdown with tight Corona rules, so that we can spend the whole day chatting, playing, laughing and also singing.

Photo credit: WM Germany

Contributed by EUD Women's Ministries