Young Adventist women working together as "God in Shoes" serve needy women

This outreach provides multiple ways for women to serve others less fortunate than themselves.

West-Central Africa Division (WAD)

[Ghana] The Young Women's "God in Shoes" Outreach Train arrived at Ayikuma in the Dodowa District. They prepared 500 packs of items and distributed the packages themselves to needy families in the community. Each package contained nine different items: liquid soap, nose mask, hand sanitizer, Dettol, powdered soap, bathing gel, PARAZONE, Lan 'T' Soyamilk, and gospel tracks.

The participants were able to do this project because of the Capacity Building Training Workshop organized by the Meridian Ghana Conference, in the Southern Ghana Union.

Contributed by Omobonike Adeola Sessou, Women's Ministries director for the West-Central Africa Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2021 Q1, winter issue