Thousands of Adventists in Inter-America Request Certification in "A Ministry of Kindness"

By using digital technology—for laptops and mobile phones—Inter-American Division Women's Ministries Director Dinorah Rivera is training tens of thousands of eager women (and men) through online certification seminars for outreach ministry.

Inter-American Division (IAD)

[Inter-America] Much is being said about the new normal and how this is affecting every aspect of our lives. Along with the uncertainty of the moment there are also the highs of the opportunities, and if we work intentionally, we may recognize that more doors are being opened to the teachings, hope, nurturing, and love now than before the pestilence of COVID-19.

God knew that in order to get ready for what was coming, we needed to study more about what the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy have to say about having His heart of love and kindness for the welfare of others and even ourselves. For this reason, the book written by E. G. White, Welfare Ministry, in combination with other of her writings has been used as the textbook for the special certification program for women's ministries entitled “A Ministry of Kindness.”

We want every woman in the territory of the Inter-American Division to have God's heart in this time of history when the world is in immediate need of the love of God. And to make sure that we may reach every woman with the know-how and the tools necessary to transform their hearts, we decided to do the certification in a way that would assure the involvement of many. We are conducting a certification program on the web that is reaching around 40,000. In addition to the online/live program, the same is being transmitted through radio reaching even more people.

We will conclude with a certification ceremony, and in order for these women to get their certificate, they also need to send us evidence of what they are doing to put into practice the teachings received. Never before have we involved so many women and men, at the same time with a specific teaching in mind, and we are at awe at what God is doing with this way of handling a certification program.

As a child of God, I am amazed at the way God prepares the way (even if it sounds redundant). He is the only one who knows the future and He provides even before the need presents itself. We are not re-inventing ourselves; we are finally doing what we said we needed to do.

Written by M. Dinorah Rivera, director of Women's Ministries for Inter-American Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2020 Q3, summer issue