Young girls are included in the women's conference in Jerusalem.

Teen Girls are Spiritually Nurtured and Involved in Women's Ministry

More than 70 women and young girls attend "Let Your Light Shine" conference in Jerusalem and are inspired to be a blessing in their centers of influence.

Israel Field (IF)

[Jerusalem] The Women's Ministries Conference, "Let Your Light Shine," held in Jerusalem, February 20-22, 2020, drew together more than 70 women and young girls of many nationalities from all over Israel. Many of these are women of Jewish origin who made Aliyah (Repatriation) to Israel, while some of them are ex-patriates that came from other countries seeking work in Israel. Cristina Sandulache, director for Women's Ministries in Israel, organized the conference for Adventist women and young girls with the double purpose of spiritually nurturing the two groups and for involving the younger generation in WM projects.

Heather-Dawn Small, director of Women's Ministries for the world Seventh-day Adventist Church, focused mainly on the spiritual nurture of the Israel Field women, giving powerful presentations on the need of personal growth before letting our lights shine in other people's lives.

Raquel Arrais, associate director of the same institution, organized—with the help and assistance of Dr. Sarai Ruiz Espinoza, a psychologist from South-East Mexico Union—several separate meetings for the young girls, who are all Hebrew-speakers and the very hope for the development of the WM work in Hebrew in the Israel Field. During these excellent presentations, the young girls were introduced to the importance of the WM department. The three speakers emphasized to the women of the Israel Field the importance of understanding their own value in the eyes of God and to know their Scripture well, in order to be able to shine both through their character and through the sharing of the gospel.

The Israel Field president, Pastor Daniel Dragan Stojanovic, visited the event on Friday morning and gave a speech highlighting the importance of women’s ministry, especially in countries of this area.

Reported by Cristina Sandulache, director for Women's Ministries in Israel

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2020 Q1&2, Spring issue