Women Attend WM Workshops, Create Handmade Gifts for Christmas

Skopje, Macedonia | SEEUC WM | February 6, 2023 | Marija Trajkovska

Police officers and other emergency workers on-duty in nine stations throughout Skopje received food gift baskets and mini-concerts as tokens of appreciation for their faithful service.

Women's Ministries in the Skopje Seventh-day Adventist Church in Northern Macedonia were busy just before the Christmas holidays in 2022. Mira Pastonjicki, Macedonian Mission WM director, organized three creative workshops in December for making cardboard baskets and decorating teacups with the Bible verses and hope messages. The items women created were given later to community employees and nursing home residents during the Christmas season.

Following their decades-long tradition of visiting on-duty service officers in Skopje during the Christmas season, women from the area churches and Pastonjicki visited nine community services, (such as police station, emergency ambulance ward, fire brigade, etc.), on January 1, 2023, presenting them with the handmade cardboard baskets packed with fresh fruit and homemade cakes to express gratitude for their dedicated service to the community. The women also prepared a brief musical program of Christmas songs, for wishing them joy and blessings on the coming Christmas Day, which, in orthodox Macedonia, is January 7.

This video recorded the group singing "Joy to the World" after delivering food baskets to a Skopje police station.

Women visited the local nursing home, January 7 (Christmas Day), sharing the season's good cheer with the elderly residents who were presented with their short concert of Christmas carols and the decorated teacups made during the December creative workshops.

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Written by Marija Trajkovska, WM director for South-East European Union Conference of Trans-European Division (TED)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q1