SAD News | Brazil | Jackeline Farah | July 6, 2022

Massages that save lives

Massage therapist Lady Jane Cabral uses her profession to talk about the love of Jesus to her clients.

Lady Jane Cabral, 45, had to embrace a new profession after a serious vision problem that made it impossible for her to continue working as a nursing technician. And it was by chance that she discovered her gift. “I was in São Paulo with a friend, and we arrived at the hotel tired. She asked me to give her a massage. When I finished, my friend told me that I had blessed hands. ‘You already have a new profession,’ she jokingly said."

After many prayers Lady understood that God was in fact showing her a new professional direction. She dedicated herself to massage therapy, took courses, and specialized in aesthetic massages. At first, she was hired in a salon where she had to fill the opening hours. It didn't take long before she had enough clients she could fill Saturdays, the busiest day with the most customers in the salon. “I knew that God was going to show me how to proceed. A client suggested I rent a spot to work alone and make my own schedule,” says the massage therapist.

But the desire for this change wasn't enough for what she needed to make the change. With other decisions to make, “I asked God to show me the place.” Soon details fell into place for Lady’s new business. “Today I work in the beautiful place that I know God chose for me. I don't even have a sign here! God sends customers who He wants to hear about the love of Jesus," says the 'God-employed' therapist. "They are the ones who do the advertising. I don't even have social networks. I praise God that my schedule is always full [without working on Sabbath].”

Lady works by appointment and each massage session lasts for one hour, long enough for her to talk to and listen to each client. “I always ask, ‘How are you?’ And that's enough to get them to start talking. When I hear about their lives, I begin to tell them about Jesus.”

So it was with Susy Silva, who was impacted from the first contact with Lady. “I remember that the first time,” Suzy recalls, “when I came to Lady's space, I was devastated, full of problems, and I started talking to her. Then I realized I was crying, and she was praying with me. I had never seen or experienced this. I was delighted and I never stopped coming here,” says Susy. After two Bible studies, Suzy made the decision for baptism. She is now waiting for a solution in her marriage before going down to the baptismal waters.

Lady is proud to say that everyone who passes through her aesthetically pleasing space receives the word of God. “The seed is planted. There is no right place to talk about Jesus. We must take advantage of every opportunity that appears. Only then will we see Jesus returning in our generation.”

And so, Lady Jane Cabral goes on preaching the gospel, day by day, in her workplace, the way Jesus taught us: “And Jesus said unto them, ‘Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature’” (Mark 16:15, NKJV).

See Lady Jane’s testimony on YouTube video (Portuguese)
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This article was originally published on the Portuguese website of South American Division News

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q2&3