Facebook Leads Women to Prayer and Bible Study

Livestream videos teaching the power of prayer topped 12,000 views within three months.

Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD)

[Mongolia] Facebook is proving effective in Mongolia in meeting Women’s Ministries’ goals for nurture, empower, and outreach. Facebook Live is keeping women engaged together during the coronavirus crisis with live online lessons on the power of prayer.

The online Bible study included time for prayer and studying books about prayer. Two Facebook groups were organized during the early weeks of the pandemic which had a combined membership of nearly 1,000 members.

Viewers were introduced to the concept of praying for their children through a book about the power of a praying parent. The next book was about the power of a praying woman (wife), followed by the power of a praying man (husband).

Mongolian Seventh-day Adventist women joined a Facebook group whose numbers showed 782 members in April. FaceBook statistics showed 10,376 total views from this group of Adventist women. A second Facebook group with 155 members viewed the lessons nearly 2,000 times. Total views by both groups from February through April topped 12,000.

Provided with this report are video screenshots taken of various women leading, listening, praying, studying the bible, reading the book about prayer, and even singing while accompanying herself with piano and guitar.

International Day of Prayer online
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Women’s Ministries also made use of online technology in Mongolia to conduct a special online program through video for the 2020 Women's International Day of Prayer, March 7.

Prior to the coronavirus crisis
Ouyntuya Batsukh, Women’s Ministries director of the Mongolian Mission, presented a special weekend of seminars, The Unity of the Spirit, January 25-26, for the East-North District churches.

Photos: WM Mongolia
Contributed by Ouyntuya Batsukh, director of Women’s Ministries Mongolian Mission, with Lisa Clouzet, director of Women's Ministries for Northern Asia-Pacific Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2020 Q3, summer issue