Focus On the News

East-Central Africa Division

Empower Women Leaders in Tanzania

March 16-20, 2009 was a special time for the women in leadership in Tanzania. Tanzania has five conferences and one field. Each of these entities has a full-time departmental Women's Ministries leader. The Union Women Ministries director Mary Kajura was able to bring all six women leaders together for the leadership certification program.

In the five days of training the group was able to complete the ten modules in level two of the certification program, discuss the next plan of action, and critically analyze the Six Critical Challenges that women face and what has been done to address them in the different conferences. According to the women leaders, women's service is accepted, and sixty percent of women are actively serving in the church, and they are a great force to the growth of the church in Tanzania.

"The women leaders were greatly inspired by the content in the certification program and they vowed to make an impact in their conferences using the knowledge they had gained at this important training."


Northern-Asia Pacific Division

 Korean Women Reaffirming Existence, Role, and Mission

The Department of Women's Ministries led by Lee Seon Mi, Korean Union Conference WM director, held the 5th National Women's Convention and the 5th Women's Association General Meeting at Madalpy Sahmyook Training Center February, 16-18. About 260 earnest women from all over the country attended.

This convention was intended to share ideas for effective mission support and to motivate women for self-improvement. These women work as a central axis in church mission work. The participants in these meetings reaffirmed the existence, role, and mission of women, and promised their devotion.


Inter-American Division

Venezuela Empowers Women

Seventh- day Adventist women from Venezuela came together for a weekend congress in Caracas February 27-28. More than 1,200 women renewed their commitment to go into their communities and tell about Jesus. The program was organized by Beny Paez de Rodriguez (Venezuela South Union Mission WM Director) who thought about every detail to make this program a blessing to each woman. For the closing there was a Leadership Certification Ceremony when the leaders received their charge from Raquel Arrais (GC WM Associate Director), Gloria Trotman (IAD WM Director), and Dinorah Rivera (IAD Associate Director). "We are leaving this meeting refreshed, renewed, willing, and ready for the mission we have ahead of us," said Beny Rodriguez in her closing words.


Southern Asia-Pacific Division


Meeting - Teaching - Training

On February 25 Vietnamese Adventist women were pleased to meet two visitors who come from the Philippines: Helen Gulfan, the WM's division director, and Esther Daquila, the WM's director of the North Philippine Union Mission. On February 26 all the WM's directors of the Vietnam Mission came to the mission to start the three day training class to cover the Leadership Certification, Level 4.

A total of 42 women attended the certification. The purpose of this training was not only teaching and learning, but also an opportunity for the leaders to grow culturally and spiritually. "We thank God for the connection felt between all of us: the hostess and visitors, teachers, and students," says Pham Thi Lie, Women‘s Ministries Director, Vietnam Mission.