Meetings for Adventist Women

A series of special meetings for women who are not delegates to the Session will be presented by Women's Ministries and Shepherdess International. The morning meetings will be held Monday through Thursday, June 28-July 1, from 9:30-10:45 a.m. Two afternoon seminars will be held Tuesday and Thursday, June 29 and July 1, from 2:00-4:00 p.m.

All meetings will feature dedicated presenters who will explore topics of spiritual and personal growth, service, and daily living. Features include inspiring and interesting reports from around the world.  No registration is required.

These events take place in the Georgia Ballroom in Building C, Level 3, Sections 1-3.

GC SESSION 101: How to be Involved

By Ardis Stenbakken

  • Look around and learn as much as you can while at the GC Session.
  • Attend the business meetings. If you don't understand what is happening, ask someone.
  • Learn Parliamentary Procedure so you can better understand how the business works. Get a copy of the General Conference Rules of Order from Secretariat in your Conference, Union, or Division.
  • Visit the booths to find out where you would like to develop a ministry if you don't have one already. Most have booklets and information.
  • When you get home, get involved. If you can, serve on the church board or the Women's Ministries committee.
  • Take the Women's Ministries Leadership Certification courses and become certified.
  • When your church chooses officers, be sure that women are involved.
  • When your church chooses delegates to a constituency meeting, serve if you can. Be sure that qualified women are chosen and put on committees and boards and are delegates. Help get qualified women elected/appointed.
  • Talk to your pastor, your Conference officials, and others, about getting women included on committees and boards.
  • Pray for and support women who are already in leadership.