Adventist church in Tubingen, Germany Says "NO" to Violence Against Women

Adventist church in Tübingen, Germany Says "NO" to Violence Against Women

Euro-Africa Division

When the Adventist church in Tübingen, Germany, heard about the enditnow initiative they were convinced that they should take part in this project. They told the mission committee, "Yes, we want to take a stand."

They contacted a cinema in Mössingen, a neighboring town, where a project

"Kino & Kirche" (cinema and church) already exists. They were prepared to show the movie "Wüstenblume" (Desert flower: the life story of Waris Dirie). They were permitted to provide information about violence against women and collect signatures for the enditnow petition in the foyer of the cinema. Some people who did not have the time to sign on their way to the screening came back after the movie to sign the petition.

Then on January 16, the Union Presidents announced the enditnow initiative to the church. Following the service, church members were asked to sign the enditnow petition. The lists were filled as church members patiently stood in line to sign up.

Next, the church was able to obtain permission from the city to put up an information stand in the pedestrian zone of Tübingen. They were able to ask passersby on Friday and Sabbath afternoon, January 22 and 23, to sign the petition. At the same time volunteers were able to invite people to the information program in the evening. Many people from around the world signed the petition-from Australia to Argentina and America to Africa.

On Saturday night visitors and members were welcomed to the church building, which had been decorated and transformed into a little piece of Africa. The program emphasized violence against women in general. The audience was moved by the introduction of the ministry for the Maasai girls in Kajiado, Kenya. After the program generous donations were given to support the Kajiado project.

Source: EUD WM


"The joy of doing something to promote this campaign
was worth all the effort."

~Hannelle Ottschofski, South German Union Women's Ministries director

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Focus on the News


BBC Project Update

Southern Asia-Pacific Division

One hundred and fifty Women's leaders from the West Visayn Conference in the Philippines attended the BBC (Bibles=Baptism=Conservation) project launch in November last year. This is a small group initiative to win souls from Bible studies. In 2009, 393 people were baptized as a result of this program.

The Union Women's Ministries director, Glenda Catane, and Pastor Esico, the President, gave the challenge to the women to be active, be involved, and be blessed in this ministry of touching a heart and bringing souls to the Master's feet. Out of 150 women, only 100 received a copy of the Bible because of a lack of funds.

Seminars were presented, including a demonstration on "Mushroom Culture" by Ferly Penaverde, a chemist, and "Beauty and Wellness" by Emma Roche, a nurse, who taught the women simple exercises to keep them physically fit.

The attendees report that the day was a blessing to every woman who attended and they went home filled and inspired to do their work again in their respective territories.

Source: SSD WM

A Ministry to Teen Mothers

Trans-European Division

The Netherlands Union has adopted a project in Holland for teen mothers. They sponsored two women's weekends where the women made baby blankets and gifts and collected money for teen mothers. They were able to raise 700 Euro and made 15 blankets. Each teen mother received a blanket, shampoo, baby powder, soap for the baby, and a knitted bunny which a lady of 89 made for each of them. The girls also received clothes for the themselves and a small gift voucher so that they could buy something for themselves.

Source: TEDWM

A Ministry Idea

Trans-European Division

Faith Crumbly, an editor at the Review and Herald Publishing Association, has a ministry in which she passes out gently used women's devotional books to underprivileged women in housing developments for Mother's Day and Christmas. She reports they are so pleased to get them. Many-if not most-have never owned a beautiful hardcover book. She says she could use up to 100 copies in December and May.

She also gives new editions to her daughter who is a coordinator at a women's shelter in Chicago. Many women there have been accustomed to having nice things but had to leave their home with only the clothing on their backs. So Crumbly is asking that if you have gently used devotional books that you are not planning to keep, she would like to receive them and she will use them or pass them on to her daughter.

These can be mailed to: Faith Crumbly, Review and Herald Publishing Assoc., 55 W. Oak Ridge Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740. You can contact her at [email protected] or 301-393-4094.


Women's International Day of Prayer

On the first Sabbath of March, women around the world come together to celebrate a special day of prayer. This year March 6 will be the next Women's Ministries International Day of Prayer. A free resource packet, "Crumbs from the Master's Table," written by Joy Gashaija, East-Central Africa Women's Ministries Director, is available for download. Please visit the GC Women's Ministries website at

A free resource packet, "Crumbs from the Master's Table," written by Joy Gashaija, East-Central Africa Women's Ministries Director, is available for download.  Click here.


Inspiration for You: Prayer Q & A


Prayer Q & A

Q : "Why pray, if God already knows all about me and my needs?"

A : He wants us to get to know Him. The purpose of prayer is to enable us to come into His presence, where we are changed. It frees His hand to do more in our lives and in the lives of those for whom we pray. Someone has said, "God rules the world through the prayers of His people." Christ actually meant prayer to be the great power by which His church should do its work.

Prayer doesn't change God, prayer changes us. It is not to tell God what He already knows; it is to venture into His presence so He can help us understand what He already sees.

Q : "What about faith? Don't some people just naturally have more faith than others?"

A : George Mueller, a great Christian leader of the last century, provided housing, clothing, food, and education for tens of thousands of British orphans, though he himself was poor. It was not his original plan to build orphanages; he was simply looking for a way to demonstrate that God answers prayer. Over his lifetime the Lord provided millions of dollars, though Mueller never once asked anyone for money. He was sometimes told that he had a special gift-that faith must be given as a gift from God because of his work. He explained that faith is given to everyone, but that faith grows with exercise. Testing is the perfect climate for faith to grow.

Q : "Is Prayer Always Practical? Can Its Outcome Be Measured?"

A : Prayer is a practical experience. Someone has said that "When we work, we work, but when we pray, God works!" In the great controversy between good and evil, God has chosen to be responsive to the prayers of His people. The record is clear: when God's people pray the sun is stopped in its tracks, walls fall down, sinners become saints, enemies are put to flight, families are brought together, worries are put under His banner of healing. How's that for measurable?



Prayer--The real secret:

In the Morning

"Each morning consecrate yourselves and your children to God for that day. One brief day is given you. As if it were your last on earth, work during its hours for the Master. Lay all your plans before God, to be carried out or given up, as His providence shall indicate." Ellen G White, Counsels for the Church, 152.6


Some have said that the real key to prayer-to knowing God and getting His answers-is learned from Christ in Mark 11:24. He said, "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." The first word to note here is desire, and this is the key. If you don't really, really "desire," you probably will never get an answer to that prayer.


Because praying is the most important thing we do, and because praying is strenuous, some often rest for just a few minutes before they pray so that they can be at their best for their most meaningful work. God gives fantastic answers. Praying is exciting and meaningful when you do it the way Christ taught.


International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Each year on March 8 hundreds of International Women's Day events occur all around the world. These United Nations Day events range from small random informal gatherings to large-scale highly organized events. All celebrate women's advancement and highlight the need for continued vigilance and action.

The theme for 2010 is "Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities:  Progress for All".

Why dedicate a day exclusively to the celebration of the world's women?

In adopting its resolution on the observance of Women's Day, the United Nations General Assembly cited two reasons:

  1. to recognize the fact that securing peace and social progress and the full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms require the active participation, equality, and development of women;
  2. and to acknowledge the contribution of women to the strengthening of international peace and security. For the women of the world, the day's symbolism has a wider meaning: it is an occasion to review how far they have come in their struggle for equality, peace, and development. It is also an opportunity to unite, network, and mobilize for meaningful change.


  • 1 out of every 3 women around the world has faced some form of violence.
  • On July 1, 2007, the world's population was 6,602,224,175; that means more than 3,301,112,087 were women. There are always more women in the world than men for a variety of reasons.




Prayer Corner

  • Women affected from natural disasters and war
  • Commission on the Status of Women Conference in New York
  • Women's Awareness week at General Conference
  • Enditnow Campaign


  • March: Women's History Month
  • March 6: Women's Ministries International Day of Prayer
  • March 21: International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination