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Daughters of God by Ellen G. White

Daughters of God: Messages Especially for Women by Ellen G. White is a compilation published in 1998. It is not a complete collection of everything that Ellen White wrote to or about women, but it gives a good overview and much valuable counsel. The introduction, "A Word to the Reader," says, "In today's high-pressure society many women are wage earners, often single mothers trying to provide for their families. The content of these chapters will go far toward restoring and sustaining a sense of self-respect, helping women to know that they are important and valued in God's sight." The chapters cover topics such as "The Lord Calls Women to His Service," women in the Old and New Testament, about Bible study and prayer, women as teachers, physicians, in soul-winning, and other areas of ministry, and more.

There is also good information about self-respect, modesty, health, marriage, parenthood, and even dealing with grief. The chapter "Woman to Woman" is full of useful and memorable quotes and challenges.







You can, of course, get this book through your regular Adventist book sources. Visit or call 1-800-765-6955.

By Ardis Stenbakken


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