Inspiration for You:  Relating to Colleagues

Tips for working with your team

What traits and abilities are important for you as a leader to display? The list below is one a seasonedadministrator uses to evaluate employees. You may find it helpful to share withyour Women's Ministries team also.

  1. First of all, a relationship with Jesus. Even in a church organization, we can't take that for granted, but it is essential.
  2. Loyalty. Even if you're a volunteer, not a paid employee, administrators still expect loyalty.
  3. Vision. You may have a vision of what you want to accomplish, but it's important to communicate it to your leader.
  4. Accept responsibility. As the Women's Ministries leader, you must accept responsibility for yourself and your committee members.
  5. Cooperation. Not only do administrators want to see cooperation among the Women's Ministries team members, they also want cooperation with other departments and with the organization as a whole.
  6. A positive, cheerful attitude. No one likes a complainer.
  7. Willingness to help others. The more Women's Ministries integrates into the organization and gets involved with other departments, the better it will be perceived by administrators.
  8. Integrity. Always be totally honest and ethical; never allow even the slightest appearance of dishonesty. There is never an excuse for a lack of integrity.
  9. Peacemaker. Women won't be taken seriously if they are quarrelsome. Women leaders must be adept at encouraging cooperation and defusing conflict.
  10. Punctuality. Being on time for all appointments and keeping your own meetings on schedule will be valued by administrators and others.
  11. Honor confidences. In your position as leader, you will receive information that cannot be shared. Never break confidentiality.
  12. Be proactive. Leaders are expected to be self-starters.
  13. Self-confident. Lack of self-confidence is seen as a weakness.
  14. Self-respect. Never forget that you have inestimable value.
  15. Willingness to accept counsel. Whether it's from an administrator or a seasoned Women's Ministries leader, it's vital to listen to counsel. You need not always follow it, but consider various viewpoints. There is safety in a multitude of counselors.
  16. Be a team-player. Demonstrate willingness to contribute to the entire organization, not just Women's Ministries. And work cooperatively and impartially with your WM team.

--By Carla Baker,North American Division Women's Ministries Director.