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MAY 2008

Women's Challenge Issues—Poverty

Women, Human Rights, and Poverty

A life of dignity is every person’s human right. This is true no matter where he or she lives or what his or her sex, race, or ethnic origin may be. And every woman, man, youth and child has basic needs that must be met if he or she is to live in dignity. A life of poverty means that basic needs go unfulfilled and fundamental human rights are violated.

More than one billion people live in poverty around the world, and a great majority of them are women. Women’s poverty results in widespread violations of their human rights. When a woman faces a lack of access to adequate housing, food, or health care, her human rights are violated. When she lives in an unsafe and unhealthy environment or lacks access to clean water, she is not enjoying her fundamental human rights to a life of dignity and to an adequate standard of living.

The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM 2006) reveals that in many countries with economic transitions, women have been the most affected.

— Source: UNIFEM

Ministry ideas you can do:

  • Small enterprise development
  • Money management seminars
  • Preparing for retirement seminars
  • Professional mentoring
  • Time management
  • Budgeting
  • Widow support groups
  • Debt reduction
  • Food baskets for needy families
  • Meals for homeless shelters
  • School supplies for needy children
  • Community vegetable Garden
  • Blankets in wintertime
  • Prepare hygiene packs

Prayer Corner

  • Women living in poverty
  • Raquel Arrais travel to EUD
  • Heather-Dawn Small travel to SAD



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