Bless the Children



Illiteracy is related to low social status, poverty, and poor health. ESD WM asked themselves, Are there such problems in Russia? And how can we help? Church members faced such a matter in Nalchik city, Kabardino-Balkaria. About 12 refugee Gypsy children from Georgia started to visit church. These boys and girls, from 7 to 15 years old, were attracted by having lunch on Sabbath after worship. But they were noisy and disobedient during the worship, and there were also several thefts.

Church members started thinking of how to help them. The church gave the children an ultimatum: they were to be silent in the church or they could not attend, and the church would not look for the thieves. The thefts stopped, and the children were seated all over the church with members who watched over them. Since the children could not read or write, a new Sabbath school class was started for them. Tamara, one of the sisters, agreed to teach the children during the week to read and write. She even prepared white ironed shirts, pants, and skirts for the children to wear for the Sabbath services. Every Sabbath Tamara changes their clothes and fixes their hair.

These children’s parents don’t visit the church but don’t forbid the children. And one Gypsy family, despite financial problems, bought Sabbath clothes for their children. Now these children take part in the service; they read poetry and sing songs about Christ. Tamara doesn’t have her own children, but she puts all her love and care into these children. When church members call her “Gypsy Mother,” she is not offended. She says that the Lord doesn’t let her be alone. And most important is that the children love her.

Focus on the News

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Nothing Can Stop the Women of Malawi from Telling the Story

The women of North Malawi Mission Field conducted an evangelistic meeting in Mzuzu Prison.  When they first asked for permission to hold the meetings, they were turned down because it was believed the women’s meetings would involve the prisoners the whole day, leaving them no time to do hard labor. Efforts to
explain to the authorities that they just needed 30 minutes each day were fruitless. However, the women were authorized to speak to the prisoners for just four days.

On the last day, God performed a miracle because over a hundred persons were converted and 75 were baptized.  God only needs our willingness, for He accomplishes His purposes. 

Source: Sister Lapani, (Women’s Ministries Director, North Malawi Field)



Northern Asia Pacific Division

"Appreciation Meeting" for Former Missionaries Brings Women Together

In Mongolia, Women's Ministries and Shepherdess Departments invited former and present missionaries, as well as Shepherdesses (pastors’ wives), to meet together. The purpose was to encourage and commend women who had served as missionaries and leaders of the church but who are no longer active. 

“Without these women and their hard work, many of the churches in Mongolia wouldn’t exist.  Because of their tears and prayers, God blessed the churches abundantly in the past,” said Mi Yong Kotanko in the opening ceremony during which all were presented with a small plaque of appreciation.


Southern Asia Pacific Division

WM Evangelism – REACHING OUT

The Women’s Ministries group in Kayangat Adventist Church in Malaysia conducted evangelistic series for 10 nights led by Shepherdess member Saine Golotoh. Two churches combined for this event and used the “Family Evangelistic Seminar Series.” This was the first evangelistic meeting ever conducted by women in this church.  Attendance was good; people were excited to hear women preaching for the first time. Bible studies were also conducted each night, and 11 souls were baptized.

Inspiration for You: New Year, New Beginning

Inspiration for You



From Our Heart to Yours


Joyful New Year, dear readers! This is the time of the year when we think about wishes and lists. Women have secret wishes, longings, to do or be something different.  Many wish for health, food, shelter, freedom, or peace; others long for dignity, love, respect, and empowerment. God is the one who can meet our needs, but we are His hands and His voice. In this New Year, we can make a difference. We can Touch a Heart and Tell the World. Women’s Ministries challenges each of the 12 million women in the Adventist church to accept God’s call, to be a voice of hope and an instrument of change. May God bless every Women’s Ministries leader, from division directors to the local churches, as we make a difference for Him. 

Heather-Dawn, Raquel, Vernee, and Judith








There are many ways for us to plant seed for God’s kingdom, but the best way is to plant seeds of love in the lives of people we meet. We may feel we lack special gifts. We may not know how to give a Bible study, or how to explain the importance of the seventh day Sabbath. But we can all plant seeds of love in someone's life; that was Jesus’ method (Ministry of Healing, p. 143). He focused on loving people to His Father. Jesus was planting seeds of love.  As a result, hearts opened so that He could tell them about His Father.  Can we do this?  Yes, all of us can.

You may wonder, how can I plant seeds in someone's life. Let me share some ideas.

  • Do you love to read? You could visit the elderly in a senior citizens home and read to the residents. Visit the hospital and read to someone.  Sick or homebound neighbors might  be happy for a friend to read to them. That's planting seeds of God's love.
  • Do you love to cook? You can cook for someone who is sick or who has lost a loved one. You can teach some of your neighbors or coworkers to cook food that is healthful.
  • Do you love to do crafts? You can make cards and give them to people whom you meet in the supermarket, pharmacy, hotel or airport. Leave a card of thanks and encouragement for them with a few kind words and a text for the day. That's planting seeds of love.
  • Say thank you to the car park attendant with a smile. That's planting seeds of love.
  • Do you love to listen? Then take time to listen to people who are desperate to unload their pain and their problems.
  • Volunteer to tutor children in church or in your neighborhood who are having a difficult time in school. That's planting seeds of love.

 The question is, what can I do? May God help us discover our part.  

(Source:  “Outreach is for Everyone,”  Women’s Ministries Evangelism Manual,  p. 117)



February 1:  Statistical Reports Due

March 3: Women’s International Day of Prayer

March 6: Human Rights Day

March 8: International Women's Day

June 9: Women's Ministries Emphasis Day    

August 25: Abuse Prevention Day

October 1: Devotional Book Deadline


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