Launching WM in Istanbul

The second weekend in May was a historical moment for WM in Turkey as we launched WM in two churches in Istanbul, Kad›köy and Taksim.  Our special guests were Sr. Raquel Arrais (WM - GC) and Sr. Aranka Bajic (WM - GMEU).

The encouraging overview of the WM by Sr. Bajic and the uplifting sermon by Sr. Arrais made clear to both women and men that WM is truly “Women in Power for God.” After lunch we enjoyed, and were inspired by, seminars introducing practical ways to begin WM programs.  

The next day’s topics included “Homes of Hope and Healing” and communication and conflict resolution. The Holy Spirit blessed, and a dedication prayer was said for the new WM team in Kad›köy and the Taksim church, that they will build fruitful teams to bless their communities.

In this large country with few members, only Izmir has had WM, and only since 2009. Our sisters and their friends have been invited for various activities and seminars. The next program, for church members and guests, is a walk through a prayer garden.

Ute Alkan,  WM, Izmir,Turkey


East Mediterranean WM Retreat:  Here Am I, Send Me

With the theme “Here Am I, Send Me,” the East Mediterranean Field celebrated a weekend retreat at the Evangelical Center in Dhour Choueir, Lebanon. The Women’s Ministries in Lebanon shared the joy and warmth of spiritual fellowship with 41 students, friends and members.

Friday vespers was full of happy songs and thanksgiving. Sister Sana Issa welcomed the group, and Sister Raquel Arrais, who was on her first visit to Lebanon, gave the sermonette on the theme, “Here am I, send me.”

Sabbath morning, friends and members from all the churches in Lebanon joined us, enjoying not only the fellowship, but also the spiritual messages and the beautiful scenery. The afternoon featured workshops by the visiting Andrews University Team, a seminar by Sister Raquel, and a prayer walk with Sister Aranka.

Sunday’s lively group discussions considered ways to implement the “Nurture, Empower and Outreach” WM emphasis in the diverse Lebanese communities. The dedication prayer encouraged us to be ready to answer, “Here am I, send me!”

Sana Issa, WM Leader, Lebanon