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Nurture:  Greater Middle East Union: Morocco WM Enjoys Sabbath “Flight”

Our WM Sabbath here in Morocco was like a flight to heavenly places. The welcome was given by the co-pilot of WM, Florentina, and the special music assured us that our Captain would take us safely Home. To learn how to travel safely to our destination, she organized our international passengers into three groups, one speaking French, one English, and one Spanish. During the seminars, they learned ways to share the love of our heavenly Father and our Captain.

Stories of the miracles performed by our heavenly Captain reminded us that our lives have also been touched by His miraculous grace and tender care. He had touched our souls, forgiven our offenses, healed our diseases and can take us safely home. Because of this, we all, WM passengers, crew and co-pilots, exalted once again the Name of our Father and our Captain with thanksgiving and joyful songs.

EMPOWER: Northern Asia-Pacific Division – Women’s Ministries in Korea Unite to Serve

The Korean Union Conference (KUC) recently elected a new Women's Ministries Director, Ms Ahn Jae Soon, a trained counselor and family therapist. She brings with her a range of skills in dealing with women’s issues. However, under her are five men elected who serve as Women's Ministries directors for the local conferences. These five men hold a variety of responsibilities in addition to WM, and will depend on women volunteers to do much of the work. This has been the situation in Korea since Women's Ministries became a department at KUC. Hence, to support the work of Women's Ministries, the Korean Adventist Women's Association (KAWA) was formed. 

A core group of faithful women keep this association running, and recently convened their 6th session in April in cooperation with KUC Women’s Ministries Department. About 280 people attended this triennial session to seek revival, listen to mission reports, share experiences, and encourage one another. The group elected Deaconess Shin Young Sil as their new president, taking the responsibility from Lee Young Ja (Division Women's Ministries Director, 2000-2005). Ms Shin appealed to the group to strengthen their faith through constant prayer and study of God's Word.

OUTREACH:  United to Reach Others in Euro-Asia Division

"Touch a heart, tell the world” was the motto for the Women’s Ministries and Shepherdess Association Congress at the Kuban-Black Sea Oblast.

It was open to every sister who serves women or helps her husband in evangelism, with more than 65 dedicated women attending.

WM and Shepherdess directors expressed appreciation to the group, and underlined the significance of service to which the Lord has called each one. Most memorable was the opportunity for every sister to retire to a prayer room to open her pain and joy, need and gratitude to our Heavenly Father.

The meeting was inspired with the spirit of cooperation, love and desire “to give life warmth, love and sweetness in our Christ Savior to all your neighbors.” At the conclusion, Lubovi Siminuk, WM Director, and Ivan Manilich, president of Kuban-Black Sea Oblast, called all gathered to carry the good news about Jesus.

The Kuban-Black Sea Mission



Every soul is fully known to Jesus as if he were the only one for whom the Saviour died. The
distress of every one touches His heart. The cry for aid reaches His ear.

The Desire of Ages, p. 480