Focus on the News

“God wants every one of you to be His helping hand; and if you yield yourself to Him, He will teach and work through you, that you may be able to impart to others” (Ellen G White, Lift Him Up, p. 185).


Middle East and Northern Africa Union (MENA)

Leaning on Jesus, WM Advisory of MENA


“Moving together, united as a group with God’s blessings, we are sure to be victorious,” Evelyn Collins

[Gulf Field] The opportunities for Homes of Hope and Healing contained in the Outreach phase were enthusiastically embraced at the first MENA Women’s Ministries Advisory held in the Gulf Field in February. As participants were trained to implement the phases of Nurture - Empower - Outreach, they were fascinated to discover how their own homes are centers of influence—oases in the desert—and can provide far-reaching effects where public evangelism is forbidden.

The spiritual enrichment and practical training provided by Raquel Arrais, GC WM associate director, gave Gulf Field WM Director Evelyn Collins the emotional and spiritual lift of being a bloom “refreshed and revived” in the desert. Men joined the advisory’s Sabbath services, swelling attendance to 250 people, and affirmed their support of women’s ministries in local churches.

West-Central Africa Division (WAD)

Outreach to University Students

[Benin] The second Sahel Union Mission International Women’s Ministries Congress in December drew about 300 women from eleven countries to Calavi University, Cotonou, Benin. The theme, “Woman, proclaim the grace of God with love,” focused on influencing and leading family and colleagues to God with love. Participants learned to make soaps, body creams and other income generating skills and had opportunity for eye check-ups.

The impact of the congress was evident even before women departed as they distributed 2,000 copies of Great Hope to students who immediately sat down to read. Women’s Ministries donated sitting benches for the campus, and the pleased university administrators pledged to always support SDA Church programs.

Outreach with Homes for Hope and Healing

[Cameroun] The Homes for Hope and Healing small group program is being used effectively in West Cameroun Mission. Many new contacts were made and friendships developed last year with non-Adventist women. A Women’s Ministries evangelistic reaping campaign, which was advertised in the national newspaper, was led by 48 women in action in 13 different locations. By the end of the December meetings, 24 candidates were baptized and many others are presently studying for baptism.