East-Central Africa Division (ECD) April 2014

[Kolwezi] Members brought friends from other denominations and religious faiths to the April Women's Congress in East Congo Union Mission (ECUM). The theme “Woman, Wake Up and Be Enlightened” impacted many with renewed hope and trust in God. Women distributed 560 Great Hope books at the end of the congress.

During four days of seminars more than 600 attendees learned how to use their time wisely in order to schedule devotional time and Bible reading for themselves and with their families. They were trained to be leaders in their communities and also to improve health conditions. Speakers included Heather-Dawn Small, GC WM Director, Debbie Maloba, ECD WM Director, and Ilunga Kamwanya Mevis, ECUM WM Director. See more here

Contributed by Debbie Maloba, ECD Women’s Ministries Director

Small (center) greets the two oldest attendees