"Free Indeed"

Roll Call stirs up an enthusiastic response

[Orlando, Florida] Nearly 1,800 women gathered in Orlando, FL in late September for a weekend of spiritual renewal and fellowship at the “Free Indeed” Women’s Ministries Convention. Guest speakers included Dan Jackson, Ella Simmons, Katia Reinert, Adrienne Townsend, and Doug Tilstra. Attendees chose from more than 30 seminars to attend on topics such as prayer, health, forgiveness, and coping with anxiety, to name a few.

Many church-sponsored events are purposeful in building community outreach into the schedule. In Orlando, more than 700 women participated in a community outreach called "God in Shoes" in shelters, churches, and community centers. “God in Shoes” ministry is an innovative method of evangelism that takes the church into the community to perform acts of kindness and demonstrate God's love. It helps give back to the local community, it blesses those who participate, and it provides awareness of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It also encourages participants to begin similar outreach activities in their home churches and communities.

These "God in Shoes" participants enjoy giving manicures

Participants took opportunity to learn the joy of volunteering and to experience the organizational process of ministry. Women gave manicures, pedicures, facials and massages; cleaned, emptied, sorted, donated; cried and laughed, reassured and comforted, prayed and hugged.

Mary Jo Dubs, founder of "God in Shoes" ministry and Georgia-Cumberland Conference WM director, organized the Orlando activities. Her grassroots ministry has spread rapidly across the Division since its inception ten years ago.

(front row) Jackson, Dubs, and Baker deliver handmade hats to cancer patients

In another form of outreach, women sent handmade hats for donation to the Florida Hospital Cancer Ward for women who lose their hair after chemotherapy treatments. Dubs delivered more than 500 hats with NAD President Dan Jackson and congress organizer Carla Baker. Each hat came with a card that read, “Made especially for you by the women of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”

NAD WM director Carla Baker stated, “Several women expressed that the “God in Shoes” event was the most inspiring part of the congress for them. They learned that Jesus sets women free not only from our sin and guilt, He also sets us free to minister in His name and share His freedom with others.”

Contributed by Carla Baker, NAD WM director, and NAD NewsPoints. Stories and video clips here and scroll down to ReachNorth America.