[Silver Spring, MD] Mission to the Cities is a call to mobilize all church entities, departments, and members to focus on urban mission. This is an ongoing initiative of the church because for the first time in human history more than half the global population lives in urban areas. By 2050 it is expected that 70 percent of the world will live in cities. "We have a vital task to carry out, and we resolve to proclaim the message of the kingdom in every metropolis on earth—no matter the cost" (from "It's Time" document adopted by Annual Council, October 2013).

Participating in urban mission will require careful attention to:

  • Reaching the least-reached people groups within a city
  • Participating in community services
  • Encouraging personal witnessing
  • Embracing health ministry
  • Developing integrated media evangelism
  • Empowering, equipping, and inspiring disciples for mission
  • Establishing centers of influenceEnhancing small group ministries
  • Distributing literature
  • Conducting public evangelism
  • Developing relationships with public authorities

Mission to the Cities, click here

Homes of Hope and Healing is one of GCWM resources being used for reaching women in the cities. Download here.