New Year's Greetings from GC Women's Ministries Staff

Heather-Dawn Small

Joyful New Year, Dear Readers! One of the things I do on the last day of the year and again on the first day of a New Year is to give God thanks. I make a list in my journal of all the things I want to thank God for, both past and yet to come.

I think it’s the best way to end the year and wonderful way to begin a New Year.

As I recall some of the stories we’ve shared with you, I know that we at General Conference Women’s Ministries can join our sisters around the world in giving God thanks.

We’ve shared with you many amazing and miraculous things that God has done during the year 2007, and we expect God to do even greater things in 2008. So, why not take a moment and join us in giving God thanks for His goodness to us each day. But even more, let’s thank God for giving each of us the privilege to be part of His plan to Touch a Heart, and Tell the World. 


Raquel Arrais

This year I promise to do…. I really want to…. I intend to…. Have you ever made these promises to yourself at the start of a New Year? I have—many times. I’ve learned that New Year’s is a great time for looking forward to the future and reflecting on the changes we want to make—a time to make personal resolutions. And a time to reaffirm one thing: that in our ever-changing world, one person remains unchanging—our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our foundation.

In 2008 may we all focus first of all on one thing: time with God. This is the secret to becoming all we can be by God’s grace. This is our source of light and life.

As we make plans for a New Year, as we continue our daily work, remember it was God who held our world together in the past, and it is God who will continue to be in control of our lives if we allow Him to.

People’s plans and systems may fail, but Jesus never fails. What a promise! Every day, fill your life with this promise, and go light your world. With Jesus as your source of light, you will always have light to share. May God bless each and every Women’s Ministries leader.


Judith Mwansa

Another year has swiftly come to an end and last year is in the past. Let us remember what the Lord has done for us in the past and think about who He is in the present. As we leave what made us troubled in the past, let us never forget the blessings that come each day.

As we enter fully into the New Year’s plans, let us place our selves fully into God’s hands that we may receive His strength to carry on His services. Remember He is the one who keeps us above the waters when we are drowning and our faithful service brings tremendous joy to His heart.

May God bless you abundantly, and thank you for sharing and being there for us this past year.


Melanie Strahle

Each year we are closer to God’s second coming, and I get more inspired to tell others about Him. I invite God to come into my heart and fill me with His love. I want to have so much of God’s love that it will shine through to everyone I come in contact with throughout the day. To strive to be a good Christian is not a task I can do on my own. I must ask God’s guidance and follow His example. God is the ultimate Christian: loving, kind, forgiving, patient, and showing grace and mercy.

My prayer is that we will all continue to seek God’s love into our hearts so that it can shine through us and spread throughout the world.