Women of Rwanda recover from civil war 21 years ago


[Rwanda] The GC Women's Ministries initiative enditnow recognizes April 7, named by the United Nations, as the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide. This day commemorates the deaths of 800,000 people who were murdered during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, central Africa.

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Breaking the Silence Race Brings People to Christ

Professional athletes baptized in Brazil through the influence Adventists against violence and abuse

[Brazil] The population of Boa Vista, Roraima, welcomed the second race to raise awareness for enditnow - Adventists Say No to Violence against Women and Children. Nearly 250 little ones participated in a march exclusively for children in the morning, and nearly 1,000 adults ran in the afternoon.

The baptism of two professional athletes became the high point of the race day's event. Sportsmen Idejarlisson Moraes and Ronildo da Silva learned about the Seventh-day Adventist Church through the race held last year.

Thousands Run against Child Abuse

Women's Ministries hosts "Run against Child Abuse" in Brazil

[Brazil] The issue of violence against children and teenagers was clearly noticed in the city of Manuas, Amazonas when Women’s Ministries organized a race, “Run against Child Abuse.” The event attracted 4,000 runners and more than 500 children participated at the same time in the “Kids Run.”

Analu Zhan, WM director for the Northwest region of the country said, "The runner’s race was a way to provide greater visibility for enditnow."

“By taking this stand," said Williane Marroni, South American Division WM director, "we are showing it is possible to fight it and prevent it, and this needs to start inside every home.”