GCWM exhibit backdrop doubles as a photo wall

[San Antonio, Texas] The display backdrop in the General Conference Women’s Ministries (GCWM) exhibit, emphasizing Nurture, Empower, and Outreach along with the WM theme – A Ministry for Every Woman, Touch a Heart, Tell the World – transitioned to a colorful and convenient photo opportunity booth. The familiar logo images became a natural photo wall for Women’s Ministries leaders visiting the exhibit.

New resources available at the booth were the WM 20th anniversary brochure, “The Early Days,” and the seminar curriculum for women’s mental health, Thinking Well, Living Well. The newest brochure to be revised, reprinted, and shipped directly to San Antonio was “Love Shouldn’t Hurt,” a pastor’s resource on abuse, the third in the series of enditnow brochures. Download here

Each division helped staff the GCWM exhibit throughout the session, and those women often wore costumes from their homeland catching the eyes of passersby. The women graciously stepped away from display tables and posed in front of the display wall for photos with many visitors.

Each GCWM staff member recruited one person to help in the booth on the mornings of the women's meetings. Heather-Dawn Small, GCWM director, called these four ladies on stage at the end of the final morning meeting to publically thank them.

Pictured left to right: Nathalia Arrias, daughter-in-law of Raquel Arrais; Erika Miike, GCWM graphic designer; Helen Mwansa, daugher of Judith Mwansa, and Denise Crarey, district director for WM in the Allegheny East Conference.

Sutton (standing) often showed up at the booth to help

Carolyn Sutton, editor of the women’s devotional, volunteered many hours to staffing the booth and talking about the devotional series or encouraging new contributors. The guidelines for writing a devotional submission have been updated. Download here

One of 383 exhibits located in three exhibition halls, the GCWM booth was located near the dining hall which increased passing foot traffic, which means, of course, that WM staff on duty were privileged to see old friends, former co-workers and classmates, acquaintances met during travel to meetings, and relatives.

True story: Rebecca Timon, GCWM administrative assistant, was astonished and overjoyed to literally run into her step-sister working in another exhibit just a few paces away from the GCWM booth.

Erika Miike of Brazil (center), stands in front of the wall she designed for a photo opportunity with costumed ladies of Mexico

Who is taking a photo op with whom? Caroline Chola, SIDWM director, or the children wearing feathered Native American headdresses