Trans-European Division:

Women's Ministries in the Middle East Making a Difference

Families in the Middle East benefit
from the Women's Ministries projects.

In Amman, Jordan, there are two churches: one for the Arabic speakers and one for the English speakers. The first Sabbath in November, 2007, was dedicated to Women’s Ministries (WM) and Children’s Ministries for both churches.

Seminar training at the Amman church in Jordan.

Principles of effective leadership and the “GraceLink" curriculum seminars were held by the Union WM and Children's Ministries director, Aranka Bajic, and organized by the local leaders Mona Haddad and Beatrice Diah. After enjoying the delicious potluck, an encouraging report was given concerning the activities and projects of the WM in these two churches.

Prayer breakfasts are well accepted by local women in the community.

Women attending the
Amman Church Prayer Breakfast

Women friends of the church can win prizes—a Bible or other religious books—encouraging them to visit the church.

This is a long-term project requiring visits each month to ladies who need help, providing them with medication, food, baby formulas, clothing, books, etc. These ladies were included in the worship program and prayers, and a lot of singing. There are about 120-200 of these young ladies in need.

In Lebanon, WM has a tradition of helping poor families at Christmas/Easter time by preparing them food baskets with some basic items. WM partners with Children’s Ministries in collecting toys and sweets, giving them to the children in orphanages and as special gifts to ladies in prison.

Young woman being baptized
as a result of the Bible study
project for teens.

The Middle East University church in Beirut is reaping the first fruits this year of the Bible studies project initiated and organized by WM for teenagers. The goal is not just to baptize them but to help the youth to find their place in the church and to use their talents to serve and to glorify God’s name.

These projects were carried out and accomplished with the help of many other women who were ready to sacrifice their time, money, and energy. Women in the Middle East churches take God’s calling seriously and want to give their best to God and to the others by showing Jesus’ character in practice by their actions.

Source: Aranka Bajic, Middle East Union WM director