How Your Church Can Grow Strong in Prayer

A powerful church has leaders who make prayer a priority. If you take a long look at your church, you’ll likely discover that your church’s greatest deficiency is not in programs, strategies, materials, or ideas, but in prayer. This is our greatest need.

Your church’s greatest strength is in prayer. Power for effective ministry is released only through prayer. Prayer gives focus to the mission of the church.

Every pastor and church leader needs a prayer partner and a praying church.

Prayer, Bible study, and ministry should always be linked together. Prayer and Bible study without serving and sharing can create complacent Christians. Ministry without prayer becomes work in the power of the flesh, our attempts in human strength only. It may look successful, but it is without the eternal consequences God had in mind.

Many are finding that one powerful way to enhance their experience in prayer, Bible study, and ministry is in a small group. A circle of friends meet regularly to pray together, study Scripture, and search for opportunities to help those around them in their homes, in their group, and their community.

Plan times, ways, and places for people to pray together—for your church, for its leaders, and for the community. This encourages consistency in prayer. As you listen to others pray, your own prayer life will be strengthened by hearing their experiences. Praying together not only strengthens our faith, but mutual praying makes the large task of prayer more manageable.

Encourage personal and family devotions. Private prayer is the highest activity in which any soul can engage. But if personal and family worship are neglected, it’s like sprinkling the foliage of a plant with water while leaving the roots dry. God has chosen prayer as the key by which His church does its work. Through prayer we impact the world for God.

Growing Strong in Prayer

  1. Make Time for Prayer.
  2. Find a quiet place for prayer and Bible study.
  3. Recognize God for Who He is.
  4. Confess your failures.
  5. Thank God for what He has done.
  6. Bring God your needs and petitions.
  7. Don’t give up.
  8. Meditate in God’s presence.
  9. Sing a new song.
  10. Pray much for others.
  11. Pray for ministry and for evangelism.
  12. Focus your prayers.
  13. Plan your prayer time.
  14. Learn to fast and pray.
  15. Find a prayer partner.

Source: Ruthie Jacobsen, Prayer Ministry—WM Leadership Certification Level 2

17 Ways to Pray for Women

  1. Pray for a spirit of Humility.“The willingness to submit.” (James 4:10)
  2. Pray for a spirit of Reverence.“ The fear of the Lord.” (Proverbs 9:10)
  3. Pray for a spirit of Purity. “A desire to be clean.” (Matthew 5:8)
  4. Pray for a spirit of Purpose. “A wisdom to set goals.” (Proverbs 4:25)
  5. Pray for a spirit of Simplicity. “A lifestyle uncluttered.” (Romans 12:8)
  6. Pray for a spirit of Commitment. “A dedication to the ‘cause’.” (Joshua 24:15)
  7. Pray for a spirit of Diligence. “A willingness to work hard.” (II Peter 1:5)
  8. Pray for a spirit of Servanthood. “The ministry of help.” (Galatians 6:9,10)
  9. Pray for a spirit of Consistency. “The quality of faithfulness.” (James 1:8)
  10. Pray for a spirit of Assurance. “A depth of faith.” (Hebrews 10:22)
  11. Pray for a spirit of Availability. “A willingness to go.” (Isa. 6:8)
  12. Pray for a spirit of Loyalty. “A zeal for fidelity.” (Ruth 1:16)
  13. Pray for a spirit of Sensitivity.“Openness of heart.” (Luke 10: 30-37)
  14. Pray for a spirit of Compassion. “Love in action.” (Mark 8:1,2)
  15. Pray for a spirit of Tenderness. “A willingness to weep.” (II Kings 22:19)
  16. Pray for a spirit of Maturity. “The capacity to grow.” (Hebrews 5:12-14)
  17. Pray for a spirit of Holiness. “Christ-like behavior.” (I Peter 1:16)


Thoughts on Prayer by Ellen White

Pray in faith, and the mystery of His providence will bring its answer. At times it may seem that you cannot succeed. But work and believe, putting into your efforts faith, hope, and courage. After doing what you can, wait for the Lord, declaring His faithfulness, and He will bring His word to pass. Wait, not in fretful anxiety, but in undaunted faith and unshaken trust. (Lift Him Up 219.3)

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