Southern Asia Division (SUD)

Sharing Hope Through Prayer

The Women’s Ministries (WM) Department of South Tamil Conference conducted a seminar at Madurai East Church in December. Forty-five women attended the seminar training. Victoria Jeeva, the WM director, reports that many topics were presented such as “Ministry of Women in Old Testament Times” and “Prayer Ministry.”

New Brochure

The South Kerala Section has printed a new brochure describing WM activities for the Indian Medical, Educational and Welfare Services (IMEWS).

Under the WM Department, many developmental programs are making a difference: self-employment training for the

poor women to make soap; tailoring training for poor women; goat rearing project; and free distribution of rice to the victims of Chickengunea—a viral fever which is fatal and has killed many in the state. All these programs under the Thiruvananthapuram WM are a source of great relief for many families.

— SUD Women's Ministries


Inter-American Division (IAD)

Hope for Humanity Conference Raises Illiteracy Awareness

A group of church officers, leaders, and lay people representing 15 countries from IAD met January 9 to 14 to learn and see first hand the blessing of conducting literacy programs for their communities. They were hosted by Hope for Humanity in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Stories were told by coordinators, supervisors, promoters, and facilitators from countries where this program has started with the help of ADRA and led by Women’s Ministries (WM). Nicaragua had just graduated 1,020 students. Costa Rica is starting a program with 1,000 students. North Mexico is starting literacy next month in Tijuana. El Salvador has 60 different sites. These programs are being made possible by the partnership of the local conference, local government, and Hope for Humanity.

Illiteracy is one of the six challenge issues for WM. Engaging in this program focuses on many issues:

  1. An approach to illiteracy
  2. Meets the needs of women in poverty
  3. Alleviates women’s work load by giving them an opportunity to stop and have some time for themselves to share and learn
  4. Helps stop the abuse of people taken advantage of because of their ignorance by teaching them basic math skills needed when selling their own products and purchasing basic materials
  5. Leads people out of darkness by empowering them to find hope and salvation as they are able to read the Bible.

The participants listened, saw, experimented, learned, and celebrated accomplishments with the Ramon H. Maury Award given by Hope for Humanity to recipients that have accomplished much in this program. But above all, people left with more love for action in their hearts for those in need.

— M. Dinorah Rivera, IAD WM Assistant Director

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID)

20,000 Evangelism Goal

The Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division is planning Harvester, a plan to conduct 20,000 evangelistic campaigns by women this year. This is a mega evangelism project; they plan to achieve this by requesting women in every congregation to conduct at least one campaign and baptize at least 25 souls.

The leadership feels this is achievable because they have over 20,000 congregations. The only challenge may be the fact that women are not allowed to preach in certain areas. However, Caroline Chola, SID Women's Ministries director is optimistic; “We believe Harvester will open ways for our sisters. If we cannot preach, we will still touch hearts for Jesus! This is our hope. Please pray for us.”

— SID Women’s Ministries