Leadership Certification Training—Testimony (SID)

It is God’s love that helped me use the gift that He has given to me. When I discovered that the gift I have is to be a shoulder for people to cry on, I tried to find a way in which I could develop it. I went to Nyangagwe hospital in Francistown and requested to minister to the patients. In the year 2004, I was ministering with a megaphone three times a week. By God’s grace many souls were won to Christ and some were baptized.

On many occasions I visited HIV/AIDS out-patients. I developed a great desire to be a social worker. My district pastor referred me to a qualified social worker in the same hospital where I used to minister to the patients. The administration requested my certificates. I had no qualification other then the Women’s Ministries Leadership Certification Level 1. I was told that in order for me to be employed as a Social Worker, I needed to have a high school qualification and a college diploma. She then referred me to another organization.

I was now losing hope, but I prayed to my Lord. On arrival, I presented my case. I explained that I wanted to be a social worker on a voluntary basis. I was once again told they needed someone with a high school certificate and a college diploma; I replied that the only certificate I had in my possession was the Women’s Ministries Leadership Certificates. Upon examining the certificates, they exclaimed, “You are the kind of people we are looking for—people with Christian qualities. We can work well with you.” I am now volunteering my services as a counselor.

I praise God for the WM leadership certification course. Previously I never had any certificate apart from my birth certificate. I am now a public speaker after doing “Communication Skills,” “Public Speaking,” and “Principles of Counseling” leadership courses. I am looking forward to doing Level 3.

Comfort currently works as a house maid. She is working on her high school certification. During her spare time, she ministers to HIV/AIDS patients at the hospital. Many souls have been baptized through her ministry.

—Comfort Hlatshwyo, Botswana Union Mission

Women of Spirit To Be Printed in Spanish and French

Beginning with the June/July 2008 issue, Women of Spirit will be available in both Spanish and French! This arrangement is a result of a partnership between the Inter-America Division Publishing Association and Women of Spirit (published by the Review and Herald Publishing Association.)

For only US$22 (plus $7 postage for each address outside the US) you can buy one subscription and send one subscription for free. To take advantage of this offer, log onto www.WomenofSpirit.com, or call 1-800-456-3991, and specify your preference for the, English, Spanish or French editions.

Bulk pricing is available for US$8.47 each (plus postage) for 1-99 copies to the same address; US$7.97 each (plus postage) for 100-299 copies, and US$7.47 each (plus postage) for 300-499 copies. For questions on bulk orders, e-mail [email protected].

—Jacki Smith, Women of Spirit Director of Marketing

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