New 2009 Women's Ministries Devotional Book

“For me, editing the devotional books is a personal thing, a ministry. It is also like having hundreds of pen pals around the world who open their hearts and lives not only to me but to the world.” —Ardis Dick Stenbakken

I had never been close to my cousin, and she has not been close to the church. For a number of years I had sent the women’s devotional book to her mother, so after she died, I asked my cousin if she would like to receive it. She said she would. I sent it to her this year. I don’t know what spiritual difference it will make in her life, but I treasure the closeness that she and I have been enjoying. For many women the books have made a difference spiritually and relationally. I often hear the stories. Perhaps yours is one of them.

I have had the privilege of meeting many of these women, and I feel like I know many I have not met. I think of all these women as I edit. I am saddened when I receive a manuscript describing a painful divorce, a spiritual wandering, a deadly health challenge—these women have written for years and I feel I know them, but there is more to share. And that is what friends do—they share and they listen, and they support one another. What a privilege I have working with these women! And an added benefit: all royalties go to scholarships for women! Fabulous!

One of the hardest parts of having such friends is losing them—sometimes by death, and sometimes they just disappear. I wonder why they haven’t written again—has something dreadful happened to them? Did they get unhappy with us for some reason? I wonder how I can contact each of them, and I hope they will write again.

There is a thrill too—the increase in the number of writers from all around the world who are contributing. And we find again that women are much more alike than different—there truly is a sisterhood. I appreciate so much those like Beth Vollmer Chagas who translates devotionals into English.

And one of the fun things is to hear how women use these books as gifts and the impact it has made in the lives of family and friends. I ask you to write. Not only will this give you the opportunity to witness as to what God has done in your life, but you will then also be a published writer—and you get a complimentary copy of the book! So please let me hear from you! Guidelines can be obtained online at Let’s keep a very good thing going!

—Ardis Dick Stenbakken,
Women's Ministries Devotional Book Editor

Spreading Grace Through Scholarships

The purchase of this book continues to spread grace through scholarships. The women who wrote these devotionals have given of their time, their talents, by sharing these devotionals—the only reward they receive is a complimentary copy of the book. So all profits go to scholarships. As this book goes to press, 1,344 scholarships have been given to women in 104 countries.

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