Euro-Asia Division

"I Believe" Congress

Three congresses were held this year in the Euro-Asia Division. These were in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine; Krasnoyarsk, East Russian Union; and Mineralnie Vodi, Caucasus Mission.

The congress in the North Caucasus Mission, in Mineralnie Vodi, was held June 27-29. The motto for the gathering was “I believe!” More than 70 women from different cities and areas came as well as from other conferences and the local unions. Women shared their experiences of faith and how it has been expressed in action. These sisters want to say thank you to the Women’s Ministries for the timely prepared materials.

The division Women’s Ministries director, Raisa Ostrovoskaya, says, “I pray that such congresses continue to be held and bring new ideas to our churches.”

“I pray that such congresses continue to be held and bring new ideas to our churches.”

—Raisa Ostrovoskaya, ESD WM director








Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

African Islands Leadership Certification (SID)

The Indian Ocean Union Mission in the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division consists of the islands of Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Reunion, and Rodriquez. The leaders in this territory are committed to enabling their women to become effective leaders in the church. Having done the Leadership Certification Level 1 last year, the Women’s Ministries director Jacqueline Blanchard organized Level 2 for the women this year.

The seminar, which took place in July in Antananarivo, Madagascar, was facilitated by Caroline Chola, SID WM director. It was attended by women leaders in all departments of the church from local church to conference level.

On Sabbath, July 26, a rally was held at the Soamanandrariny Church where women from all over the Central Madagascar Conference listened to encouragement from Chola. She emphasized the need for women to be involved in evangelism. During a commitment ceremony, 41 women were certified and the local church elders pledged to support the women in their work of evangelism.

Leadership Training in Singapore (SSD) Singapore Mission Women’s Ministries department conducted the last part of the Level 2 Women’s Ministries Leadership Certification the weekend of May 17 and 18 this year. Twenty-one Women’s Ministries leaders and lay women from the local churches attended the certification.

John Brereton, Southern Asia Union Mission publishing director, preached an inspiring sermon entitled “Are You Hungry?” He exhorted the women to serve the Lord in any place the Lord calls us. It left an imprint on the attendees that many expressed their willingness to come out of their comfort zone and give their time to the Lord or help raise funds for God’s cause; some were willing to go for a mission trip to Cambodia. The worship service was favored by a special number by Grace and Clarence Cheang, “There is a New World Somewhere.”

These women were challenged to teach, train, and equip other women for God’s services. Several attendees expressed their thankfulness that they had the opportunity to attend the certification and have indeed learned much from these classes, and as a result they have been richly blessed.

—Corinna Cheang, SAM WM director


“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” —Eleanor Roosevelt


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