SID WM daily Facebook messages grow into a digital ministry

Social media presence continues with the recording of daily video devotionals.

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID)

[Southern Africa] The year 2020 has been a year of much activity in our division. God placed a vision in our hearts to test the waters and consider much active ministry on social media. We realized that many women were always active on Facebook and other social media platforms.

To accomplish this, we began sharing written devotionals on our Facebook page. At the beginning, we adapted GC Women’s Ministries resources, “Women in the Bible . . . and Me,” “Women Discovering Women,” and “The Best You Can Be.” We also used “God Can If You Cannot” from Southern Africa Union, and weekly letters by Ligyi V. Johnson.

We discovered that it was important that we also make video presentations to reach a wider audience. It was not a simple task at first, but we saw God’s hand over the projects as women were supportive. They encouraged us to continue with the video devotionals. As a result, these video devotionals have been the center of attraction since 2020. (View videos on YouTube)

The written devotionals and video presentations are found at our official Facebook page and YouTube for SID Women’s Ministries. We also share devotionals on WhatsApp in video and audio MP3s. We began with “God in Nature” last year and in January 2021 we are going through a devotional series, “Walking with Jesus.” (complete list below)

COVID-19 found us already engaged in the field with social media. With the introduction of lockdowns, we were able to expand our programming by introducing other educational and nurturing programs.

As the world faced lockdowns, our general movement restrictions also prohibited church attendance each Sabbath. Under these lockdown conditions, families faced difficulties with issues such as abuse, mental health, marital challenges, discouraged prayer habits, and even poverty. We came up with a suitable program lineup that would address these issues. The video presentations are done by women, and even men, from different countries in the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division.

In the month of October 2020 when the lockdowns were intense, we put our plan in place. By this time God had gathered almost all His daughters in one place, the social media. We began lessons that addressed mental health. The series titled, “Are you well?”, kept our sisters busy learning healthy habits and cooking skills. Another program, "The ideal woman," studied in the characteristics described in Proverbs 31.

The response is overwhelming but what gives the most joy to our hearts is that the reaction to all these messages indicates our programs are touching their hearts. Many lives have been affected, and testimonies are coming to us as God’s children—daughters and sons, church members and non-church members alike—glorify God for reaching them at their weakest points.

We will continue to provide these messages even after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

We are also thankful for our General Conference Women’s Ministries leaders, Heather-Dawn Small and Raquel Arrais, who always come through for us to support us and participate in our programs. They give the opening and closing remarks for most of our series. They echo the same sentiments that our God is a God who sees us and is concerned with our welfare. Recently in her closing remarks, Raquel quoted 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast your cares on him for he cares for you, through our seasons of lives.”

Contributed by Caroline Chola, Women's Ministries director for Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2021 Q1, winter issue

Devotional video series

“God in nature,” by Ruth Doroba

“Messages from tiny people,” by Linah Chatambudza

“Experiencing God through the seasons of life,” by Maureen Ngwenya

“Encountering the God who sees” by Beatrice Bondo

“Refrain your voice from weeping,” presented by Adessy Mukangwa

“Meet Jesus our hope and restorer,” by Zodwa Kunene

“The mysteries of the Father” (Stewardship), by Advocate Nyaradzo Maphosa

“Walking with Jesus in all paths of life,” by Margery Herinirina

Selected comments

Messages from tiny people. “I choose to be a good support system to anyone around me. Thank you for the message. May the Almighty bless you more and more.” Neluonde Hulisani

Experiencing God through seasons of life. “Hahaha! We will have the last laugh; in fact, we will question him: - Death where is your sting? Victory of death is certainly coming - Looking unto The Father the Author and Finisher of our Faith.” Colleen Ruth Green

Encountering the God who sees. “Oh yes! He sees me. He pays attention!! Landmarks of what the Father has done in my life.” Chilufya Musonda Sinkala

Refrain your voice from weeping. “The series on grief were marvelous. As women we mourn on a lot of things, and the series just gave me a lot of hope and strength. Handling stress fails a lot of people and is the leading cause of most sudden deaths and diseases like heart diseases. Grieving continuously without reaching acceptance makes the body release hormones that harm the immune system hence lowering the immune system. But when we overcome grief by accepting our situation and lay all on God and reach acceptance, the body will release endorphins hormone or happy hormones hence boosting our immune system and we live a healthy life. Thank you very much Adessy for these series you have saved many lives. May God continue using you.”

Meet Jesus our hope and restorer. “May our defender come through for me.” Sylivia Bhebe Pisirai

Mysteries of the Father. “I have also noticed that siblings who have more money put more value on money and start to disrespect their siblings who don’t have money. This is very common. Disrespecting parents, Lord have mercy. But the prayer for Sr Nyaradzo crowns it all by asking God to help us humble ourselves before God humbled us.”

Walking with Jesus in all paths of life. "What a wonderful word to begin the year with. May God help to reset our lives. I am blessed."

“Thanks for the inspirational devotions. I have been restored for ministry. May God continue to use her as an instrument of restoration blessings!”

Are you well? “Thank you for the Loneliness clip. Not that the rest are not useful. It is very lonely being away from home and social distancing. The grief sessions have been so useful. Two of my colleagues lost their dad, and I shared the devotionals with them. My colleagues were so grateful. God bless you for all the work you are doing” From a non-Adventist lady from Botswana lecturing at the university of Kenya

“Powerful. Let jealousy and envy be given to the restorer.” Pastor in East Zambia Field

“The topic on mental health has prompted me to share this testimony with everyone platforms so that we can understand how deep this lesson is! And thought of sending this to you, too. Thanks once more Mom.”

“We thank the Almighty God for His children who have allowed themselves to be so powerfully used by Him. Both who were delivering the message and our own daughter and sister Malatsi who made sure that we get the message in our WhatsApp group.”

“May the Almighty Lord God bless them.”

“Good morning. The lessons were a blessing to us all. I really understood more about being a faithful steward and have grown spiritually. May God bless sister Maphosa as she keeps on preaching His message. Thank you, Mrs. Williams, for your patience in keeping on passing such powerful lessons to us. May God bless you too.”