Central Honiara District Observes International Women's Day of Prayer


South Pacific Division (SPD)

[Solomon Islands] It was an enriching program organized by the Central Honiara District Women's Ministries to celebrate the International Women's Day of Prayer. The messages in songs were uplifting and so harmonious. The Sabbath School program was refreshing and vibrant. Many prayers were uplifted to God, proclaiming the truth in the theme “I WILL GO.”

The message during the Divine Service was timely for God's Spirit moved as stories in the Bible began to take a new light in the lives of our Adventist women and girls that day. Sharing a meal together brought smiles to these wonderful women of God.

The seminars followed in the afternoon. In God's time He makes something beautiful and in this case, March 6, 2021, was the time where our women of the church saw themselves as beautiful in the eyes of God. WE WILL GO is their solemn goal.

The Central Honiara District Adventist women need our prayers.

Contributed by Beverly Maega, Women's Ministries director for Solomon Islands Mission

Photo credit: Solomon Islands WM

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q1, winter issue