Women's Ministries Activities during COVID-19

Media resources assist women's public evangelism and establish mental health hotlines.

South American Division (SAD)

Thank God, today we can say that the ministry of women throughout the South American Division is consolidated and strong. It continues on its mission to animate, challenge, equip, and empower Seventh-day Adventist women in their task of carrying the gospel message to the world.

The most important programs carried out in South America during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 included:

  • 10 days of prayer and 10 hours of fasting
  • Adventist Women's Mission Saturday
  • Homes of Hope and Healing, read more
  • Breaking the Silence
  • Individual Spiritual Retreat (Virtual)
  • Public evangelism carried out by women
  • Evangelistic Tea (Virtual and face-to-face) focused on the mission
  • Friendly Ear - More than 65,000 people were served by volunteers on the mental health hotline, read more
  • Women's Leadership Course
  • Sabbath experience
  • RECEPTIVE CHURCH: WHO LOVES, CARE! We changed the form, but the essence remains the same: LOVE, WELCOME, SERVICE AND FOLLOW UP.
  • Lives commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary with the participation of more than 30,000 women watching.
  • Preaching with Raquel Arrais with 32,000 women watching
  • Individual and Virtual Spirit Retreat.
  • Weekly meeting with the leaders of all Unions.

By Marli Peyerl, director of Women's Ministries for South American Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2020 Q4, fall issue