Being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit –

Steps to Personal Revival

Steps to Personal Revival

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by Helmut Haulbeil

We all agree that we need personal revival and the power of the Holy Spirit. This in-depth exploration sheds light on the root of our problems and illustrates how they can be remedied with God’s help. It shows how we can pray for the Holy Spirit so that we have the assurance that we have received Him.

Download PDF booklets: Steps to Personal Revival | Abiding in Jesus

Women's Ministries recommends reading and presenting the material in these two booklets: "Steps to Personal Revival" and "Abiding in Jesus," by Helmut Haulbeil of Germany. They are being read and shared by thousands of Seventh-day Adventists around the world and church leaders are making presentations and sermons based on the booklets. One story goes like this. The women’s ministries leader in the Mizoram-Conference in India (20,000 members) received “Steps to Personal Revival” by email from Australia. At that time, she was fasting and praying as she was preparing a women’s conference. She immediately made a presentation and later presented the topic at the conference. It was blessed like never before. The women asked for the material. So she spoke with the conference president. He decided that the booklets should be translated into Mizo and 8,000 copies should be printed so that each Adventist home could receive a copy. Recently, the women's ministries leader wrote to Haulbeil that his booklet will be translated into several of the official languages (22 total) of India, perhaps all of them.

Readers are so affected by the booklet that they offer to translate it into their native language as a free service. So far, most of the translations were done voluntarily, since the translator also had a great interest in spreading this message. You will find 28 translations available for download at the Steps to Personal Revival website.

What began as a short series of sermons presented at a few churches in Germany at the end of 2011 became a project to put the sermons in booklet form and print it for distribution in every Germany-speaking Seventh-day Adventist home in the German-Swiss Conference. Soon the Adventist Book Center in Bogenhofen, Austria, the publishing houses in both Swiss Union and Austrian Union of Churches, and the Germany-based Baden-Württemberg Conference were involved in printing thousands of copies.

Following an address at the ASI convention in Germany in 2016 and guided by the Holy Spirit, this booklet project has grown into a global movement inspiring readers and businessmen to become involved with publishing the books, translating, making audio recordings, creating a website. It is the mission of committed individuals that this booklet, "Steps to Personal Revival," be made available in print for every Seventh-day Adventist home in the world.

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Suggestions for a weekend presentation of sermon and seminars

Sermon will cover the following:
What is the core of our problems?
Do our problems have a spiritual cause?
Do we lack the Holy Spirit?
How do I self-diagnose my Spiritual Life?
(These are main thoughts from the introduction, as well as chapters 1 and 2)

Afternoon program:
Our problems are solvable – But how?
How can we develop a happy/joyful and strong Christian life?
How does the Holy Spirit fill our life? The secret word is “daily.”
(These are the main thoughts of chapter 3)

Afternoon or evening program
Key points for practical application/ How to apply it practically?
How can I practically apply and experience God’s solution in my life?
How must I pray for the assurance of the infilling of the Holy Spirit?
(These are the main thoughts of chapter 5)

“Steps to Personal Revival” booklet is especially valued by readers because:

  • It opens their eyes to their personal spiritual condition: saved or lost? (more in chapter 2)
  • They understood the necessary steps which lead to a spiritual life: (1) daily surrender to Christ and (2) daily receiving the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit reveals all the other personal steps. (more in chapter 3)
  • By praying with promises they have the assurance that they received the Holy Spirit. (more in chapter 5)
  • Their profound joy causes them to be witnesses and booklet distributors.

From experience, the author, Helmut Haulbeil, knows that the “Steps to Personal Revival” together with Dennis Smith's 40-Days books, volumes one and two,* lead to the best results. Following the reading and re-reading of "Steps to Personal Revival," the 40-Days books help to strengthen their good start with this new chapter in their spiritual lives. Furthermore, they help many to start having personal morning worship and to experience answered prayers.

*See Dennis Smith, 40 Days: Prayers and Devotionals to Revive Your Experience with God, Book 1. Review and Herald Publishing Association, c2010; 40 Days: Prayers and Devotions to Prepare for the Second Coming, Book 2. Review and Herald, c2011. All seven books in the 40 Days: Amazon