WM Congress Begins a Spirit of Revival 

Women reaching out to the needy in the local village in northern Tanzania make a big impact.

East-Central Africa Division (ECD)

[Tanzania] Women from Northern Tanzania gathered for the Women’s Congress, June 20-26, 2021, organized by Mariam Samo, director of Women’s and Children’s Ministries in Northern Tanzania Union Conference (NTUC), with the support of her committed counterparts from the four Conferences (Mara Conference, North-East Tanzania Conference, South Nyanza Conference, and Western Tanzania Conference). This big event took place in Singida at Ititi Center, the women’s center of influence.

Although the number of attendees were not as big in number as has been in the past, due to COVID-19 pandemic, women in the union were participating at the same time in many other events, such as public evangelism, satellite evangelism, and youth camps. The holding of many programs at the same time in NTUC tells us that despite the situation and moment in which we are, the gospel will not stop being spread, and we will continue to share hope—with precautions.

The congress impacted all attendees positively because of the opportunity for fellowship and testimony sharing which brought a spirit of revival.

Seminars from WM Leadership Certification Program were presented, giving a golden opportunity to women who are not able to attend the online WM programs held across ECD in the past two years.

Outreach programs were conducted for the needy in the village where women fed more than fifty families and offered items like rice, bars of soaps, salt, vegetable oil, and more. Women also visited orphans, and elderly people. This ministry made a big impact in the community in a time of crisis like this. Many women are joining the church through the influence of friendship and love.

We thank God that along with women, men, and most of our Muslim sisters with their children attended our meetings. Muslim young ladies were also actively involved in the program, singing in choirs, and giving testimonies.

We have thirty Muslim children at our women center of influence (Ititi Center) whom we want to sponsor at our Adventist schools. We have managed to sponsor seven, while others are still in the waiting list. The NTUC WM Department came up with a project to raise funds for assisting with school fees of these Muslim children. It is the “Women in Mission, I Will Go” uniform to be sewn and sold. This is the uniform women wore during the NTUC WM Congress and will be worn by women in any organized WM event, in addition to other uniforms they have.

We thank God for the safety participants experienced. Our gratitude to the Northern Union Conference officers for their support and our appreciation to our WM leaders at all levels of the union for their commitment to the Mission.

Photo credits: Northern Tanzania Union WM and ECD WM

Contributed by Debbie Maloba, director of Women's and Children's Ministries of East-Central Africa Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q1, winter issue