Thinking Well, Living Well
Women's Mental Health Training Program

Women's Ministries presented Thinking Well, Living Well for the first time during the WM Mental Health Track at the Global Health Congress in Geneva, July 8-12, 2014. This series of ten seminars about mental health will help Christians openly and compassionately talk about this subject. Many members in the Seventh-day Adventist Church suffer silently, live in pain and shame, and sometimes leave the church because they feel God has forsaken them. The time has come for the Church to become educated and to recognize when members need help.

Thinking Well, Living Well translations (Manual and PowerPoints)

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01-Understanding Mental Health PPT
02-The Mind and Body Connection: Connection and Community PPT
03-The Mind and Body Connection: Lifestyle and Entertainment PPT
04-Hope Beyond Depression PPT
05-Healing Past Hurts PPT
06-Forgiveness and Your Health - Part 1 PPT
07-Forgiveness and Your Health - Part 2 PPT
08-Healthy Relationships Behind Closed Doors PPT
09-Living the Abundant Life: God's Healing Way PPT
10-The New You PPT

A limited number of printed Thinking Well, Living Well seminar packets are available for $10 each through General Conference Women's Ministries. For more information, call +1 (301) 680-6636 or email, [email protected].

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"Disease is sometimes produced, and is often greatly aggravated, by the imagination. Many are lifelong invalids who might be well if they only thought so. Many imagine that every slight exposure will cause illness, and the evil effect is produced because it is expected. Many die from disease the cause of which is wholly imaginary." —Ministry of Healing, p. 241.