Ministering with kindness and inviting others to "Come, See the Savior of the World" leads to decisions for baptism

From building a simple house for a widow's family to assisting families of hospitalized patients, women in Venezuela respond to I Will Go Reach My World.

Inter-American Division (IAD)

[Western Venezuela] In the state of Portugesa, a widow living in extreme poverty with two children in the Guaicaipuro neighborhood of the city of Guanare suffered serious health complications because of her inadequate housing. When women of the Seventh-day Adventist Church discovered her situation, they began housebuilding plans for the little family in this State of Portuguesa. With help from the church, women's ministries constructed a simple house. The ministry of kindness showered on the widowed mother led to Bible studies which led to her baptism after construction was completed on her little home.

In the state of Táchira, the ministry of women in social work and outreach projects directly affect the societal and spiritual welfare of people living in communities near the southwestern Venezuelan border. People ask for Bible studies and baptism when ministered to with kindness. Even without the fourth quarter statistics, the territory reports 417 baptisms in 2020.

Two important and key areas of Women's Ministries in West Venezuela Union Mission. are addressed in "A Ministry of Kindness." Our Adventist women respond to I WILL GO—the mission of both the worldwide Adventist Church and Women's Ministries. Women also share the good news with other women, particularly the message that each one is "Chosen and Beloved" of God. This fundamental theme of"Chosen and Beloved" in Inter-American Division Women's Ministries includes certification curriculums, "A Ministry of Kindness" 2020; and "Spiritual Health" 2021.

[Eastern Venezuela] The year 2020 was an unusual year, and many plans had to be adapted to the new reality of living in the midst of a pandemic. However, women’s ministries found ways and funds to continue community service activities throughout the territory of the East Venezuela Union Mission. "A Ministry of Kindness" attitude guided their activities.

Our sisters organized many projects that women could do from their homes, such as sewing masks for needy people who did not have the possibility of purchasing them. Wearing their own face masks, women emerged from their homes with food prepared to take to places with great need, such as prisons, town squares, and the streets where people living in poor conditions spend the day without food due to lack of work. Women took great care in social distancing and keeping biosecurity standards while serving others.

Women also visited hospitals and attended to the needs of the relatives of patients. Family members often must find their own way in the unfamiliar neighborhoods of hospitals without assistance. In this way, our sisters not only met physical needs but also found opportunities to share encouraging messages of hope.

Because our Adventist women responded, "I Will Go," dozens of people have given their lives to Jesus and been baptized.

Contributed by Women's Ministries for Inter-American Division
Photos: WM Venezuela

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2021 Q2, spring issue