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"A Voice of Hope" released on YouTube for women's evangelism week

TV Series provides additional evangelism tools for women in churches.

The Women's Ministries department of the Adventist Church throughout Brazil was at the forefront of weeks of evangelism in the month of June, called Week of Evangelism and Harvest of Women's Ministry (SECMM). For the northern region of Rondônia and the state of Acre, the departments of women and evangelism partnered to carry out this project.

Evangelism Week started Sunday, June 5. Last year, the same partnership was made with the area of evangelism. For this, a series of Bible studies was produced with Pastor Belciclei Barbosa, evangelist for the north of Rondônia. The series was titled "A Voice of Hope". Due to the success of the program made available to churches on flash drives, the series was used again this year.

Second season of the series

In all, the evangelism lasted for 21 days. In the first two weeks, the 14 episodes of the first season of the show were used. This season's content was based on the core beliefs of the Adventist Church.

For this year, the program won a new season with the theme “Choices.” There were 7 episodes in a different setting and live music. This new season had a special theme of appeal. It was to be used after the first season was viewed. In addition, both seasons had accessibility for the deaf.

The launch of the first season was on June 5, on its own YouTube channel with the name "Uma Voz de Esperança" [Voice of Hope]. The 14 episodes have been available for viewing since that time.

Dynamics of Women's Evangelism

The idea is for each member to open their home to be a point of evangelism. For this, in addition to the channel, flash drives were made available with the two seasons of the program and also a Bible study with themes from the first season.

People who lived within 2 km of Comunidade +Perto (located on Avenida dos Imigrantes), were able to attend in person the women's evangelism meetings. For residents of other districts and interiors of Rondônia, they had the option to follow the broadcast, view the episodes recorded on YouTube or saved on the flash drive itself.

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This article was originally posted on the Portuguese website of SAD News.

Published in Mosaic Newsletter, 2022 Q2&3