Women in the Bible...and Me coloring book

Adult coloring book relieves stress and anxiety

Now available in North America and Europe, the coloring book will introduce the companion Bible studies for small group fellowship

Women in the Bible...and Me adult coloring book is the nurture companion resource to the popular set of Bible study lessons with the same name. The coloring book contains three portraits of each of the fourteen women highlighted in the Bible study lessons. The different styles of portraits were drawn by three different young and talented Adventist women: from Estonia, Serbia, and Great Britain.

Capitalizing on the popularity of adult coloring books and her own joy in the activity, Trans-European Division Women's Ministries Director Clair Sanches-Schutte produced this coloring book as an outreach tool to introduce others to the Bible study lessons, Women in the Bible...and Me as much as being a resource of itself. She is excited to discover how many men also like to join in coloring, which is not surprising because coloring has been proven "to relieve stress and anxiety, spark our God given gift of creativity, and even help us focus while listening to others. Did you know that you take in more information while you are coloring?" (Sanches-Schutte, as quoted by Victor Hulbert of tedNEWS) Sanches-Schutte goes on to say that adult coloring has become a popular pastime in recent years and people have experienced the many benefits of using both sides of the brain while coloring and listening to a podcast or sermon.

Sanches-Schutte introduces the coloring book in this informative four-minute video:


Both coloring books are available in the United States of America. Get out crayons, paints, and coloring pencils - It's time to get creative as we enjoy some in-depth Bible studies on some of the Bible's most interesting women from Anna to Leah and from Jezebel to Dorcas and many others. The North American coloring book has a different color cover. To order online:

The colouring books are available in Europe in two versions. The less expensive version is printed double-sided for coloring with pencils or crayons. The more expensive version is printed single-sided for coloring with pencils, markers, and gelatos. The blank pages may be used as an art journal. For more information go to, TED WM webpage.