Women Ministries means a lot to me and to all the women in Middle East and Northern Africa Union (MENA).

  • It means the light of hope in the darkness of despair.
  • It means the joy of comfort amidst the snare of injustice and lack of care.
  • It means hope in a better tomorrow in the days of uncertainty and the nights of drear.
  • It means that God really loves me and so does my church.
  • It means the assurance that God is here as well as there.

As Women Ministries departments, God speaks to us, He speaks through us, He works in us and for us so that we can work for Him, work for them—

  • those women who suffer,
  • who experience mistreatment,
  • who are in search for a better life, a life in Him,
  • Jesus who loves and cares for me, for you, and for them.

Providing scholarships and financial assistance to the women in MENA helps women.

  • It opens new doors and creates opportunities for them.
  • It provides them with a new vision and a new start in life.
  • It nurtures them and helps in their spiritual growth in Christ.

Women Ministries means the channel through which we share the good news with the women in MENA that Jesus loves them—and so does their church.

When we reach out to women through our ministry, we are reaching out to the whole family.