Young Adventist Women's Ministries (YAWM) conference attracts 180 participants from South Botswana Conference


Young women desire inner beauty and character

"The Beauty in You" WM conference topics catch the attention and imagination of young Adventist women in southern Botswana.

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID)

[Botswana] One hundred-eighty young attended the Young Adventist Women’s Ministries (YAWM) conference held by South Botswana Conference in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana .

The theme of the conference, "The Beauty in You," guided the presentations of guest speakers who spoke about inner beauty and character. Mrs. Susan Williams, Women’s Ministries director for Botswana Union Conference, spoke about “I Am Beautiful for His Purpose.” Mrs. Mabote spoke about “Managing Your Emotions.” And Mrs. Sivako spoke about “Outward Beauty: a reflection of the inner beauty.”

Two young women, Ms. Kutlo Manyake and Mrs. Moreblessing Zirebwa, blessed us with the Word of God. The Saturday evening a fashion show presented clothing appropriate for young Adventist women in today's society.

Sunday the young women wore spectacular head gear! Also, they were provided with stalls from which to display and sell products from their businesses.

Contributed by Bakang Moatlodi, Women’s Ministries director, South Botswana Conference

Published in Mosaic newsletter, Summer 2018