In the Northwest of Brazil Adventist Women Make a Difference in Communities

Outreach events include Pink October activities for breast cancer prevention and men also participate.

South American Division (SAD)

[Brazil] “Participating in the program, ‘A Day with God,’ was special. During the messages I felt God speaking to me and I could be close to him through the moments of prayer," says Jaqueline Juliati Arabe, 46, who participated in the program " A Day with God "in the city of Porto Velho-RO, "Separating a whole day to be in full contact with God is a transforming experience."

This and several other programs are often carried out by women from the northwestern region of Brazil, which strengthens their campaigns in actions that have issues with the community. In October, for example, a big move was made in support of the national campaign on breast cancer prevention, the Pink October. [Specialized activities occurred during Pink October, such as] donation of hair, making wigs, lectures on women's health and others, happened in every geograph[ical region].

A highlight event in October was also the "Pedalada do Amor." About 1,300 people were riding their bikes at Parque Mindu in the capital of Amazonas. Dressed in pink, they alerted the public about breast cancer and also donated geriatric scrubs, moist wipes, liquid soap, among other products, to underprivileged entities. The lawsuit was registered and disclosed by local media.

“I was impressed by the mobilization of Seventh-day Adventist women in relation to women's health. I could see that the Adventist Church has a special attention when health is the focus,” says the physiotherapist, Célia Marinho, 32, who volunteered in another action this month, the health fair organized by the women of Vilhena, Ro.

Another program that also involves the women's area and encourages the invitation of friends for an evangelistic event is Tea Among Friends. In Amazonas, women from central Manaus, in the community of Santo Agostinho, prepared a special reception for the invited guests. The decoration in pink, the delicate details was prepared with the purpose of receiving the friends who came for a special program. Raimunda Ribeiro was invited by her neighbor to the meeting, and tells her about her perception: "When my friend invited me to this tea, I accepted it because I really like it, but I confess I did not imagine it would be so pleasant to hear about Jesus. It was really special."

Women's actions throughout the Adventist Church in the northwestern region of Brazil are organized and planned, as well as publicized, by the Women's Plus project of the Women's Ministry. A lifestyle that permeates around the letters of the word Mais (meaning More). Woman MORE, (M) issionary, (A) crumb, (I) intellectual and (S) olidaria. The project has activities planned annually.

Contributed by Tatiane Lopes, Journalist

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2019 Q1