Portable shipping container is home for women's center


Portable women's care center goes where needed

Itinerant shipping container assists the community and refugees in northwest Brazil.

South American Division (SAD)

[Brazil] Boa Vista, RR – The Care and Shelter Center of Women, "MORE," was created to assist women who are victims of physical, mental and spiritual violence. It’s offers free assistance with medical, dental, and psychiatric treatment. “MORE” also provides legal, social/educational, and spiritual assistance for the local community and refugees from the country of Venezuela.

The appointments are held by a multidisciplinary staff of volunteer professionals who assist these women and their families.

The building structure of “MORE" is a shipping container which is portable for its itinerant destinations based on local needs in Northwest Brazilian Union Mission.

While the project was envisioned and created by Women’s Ministries of Northwest Brazilian Union Mission, partnerships supporting the project include the public networks of women’s protection, a social action. Assistantships and appointments are also handled through the project.

Contributed by Dayse Bezerra of the Northwest Brazilian Union Mission
Photo by Fabrício Gomes

Published in Mosaic newsletter, Summer 2018