Dagmar Dorn (left), director of women's ministries for Inter-European Division, poses with the women's ministries leadership team in Bulgaria


When "Jesus Is All," He is the centerpiece in the story of our lives

About 100 women and men attend a special one-day women's ministries conference in Sofia.

Inter-European Division (EUD)

[Bulgaria] About 100 women and some men attended a special one-day conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, Sabbath, November 17, 2018. The theme for the day, “Jesus Is All,” touched all participants.

“Her story is our own story,” remarked Dagmar Dorn in her sermon Sabbath morning while speaking about the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. Jesus did not simply heal the woman, He "also stilled her longing and empowered her through this experience to share her story." It is the same for us today, Dorn said. When we are healed, Jesus asks us to share the story of our encounter with Him.

The morning service was enriched by personal testimonies and inspiring musical contributions. Following a plenary session in the afternoon introducing several ministry projects, women attended breakout groups to learn in-depth about the projects to which they had just been introduced.

In one workshop a woman who knows sign language told about a project where she is teaching hearing impaired children how to speak. In another workshop a female documentary film maker discussed her writing career which includes publishing books filled with life stories intended to encourage readers. She also designs cards with Bible verses that young girls love to color.

Other women reported in their workshops how they use social media (Facebook and Blogs) to get into touch with other people and share their Christian convictions. These are just a few of the ministry projects highlighted during the afternoon breakout groups.

The women’s ministries team came together in the evening to discuss the focus for the coming year. One of their priorities for the coming year is to promote the teen mentoring program, Girls4Christ.

The time passed just too fast on this wonderful Sabbath of encounter. Everyone appreciated the effort of Gabi Kudinova, women’s ministries director in Bulgaria, who hosted the one-day conference at the Seventh-day Adventist Union of Churches headquarters in the Sofia.

Contributed by Dagmar Dorn, women’s ministries director for Inter-European Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2019 Q1