Baptism of 27 souls is the result of women's ministries evangelism

People attending seminars about mental health and how to stop smoking and drinking are also invited to attend evangelistic meetings.

East-Central Africa Division (ECD)

[Democratic Republic of the Congo] A women’s ministries two-week evangelistic campaign in Bukavu revived not only the church members holding the meetings but also 523 attendees, 27 of whom were baptized. Other candidates are studying for baptism.

In addition to the evangelistic meetings, attendees also attended the women’s ministries seminar training for mental health and the five-day to stop smoking and drinking alcohol plan from health ministries. All of the 147 smokers and drinkers attending the five-day seminar reported they had stopped smoking and drinking, and 16 of them were included in the group who were baptized.

People in this city of Bukavu, especially women, are concerned because they face mental health challenges. They need to be provided with information about recovery and healing for themselves and also for sharing with other women. Thinking Well, Living Well, the General Conference Women’s Ministries mental health training program, fulfills this need.

Furaha Lugozi, women’s ministries director for South Kivu Field, organized the meetings in Bukavu, the headquarters city of South Kivu Field of the North East Congo Union Mission.

Contributed by Debbie Maloba, director of women’ and children’s ministries for East-Central Africa Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2018 Q4, Fall issue