Men Are Included in Programs Traditionally Held for Women

Real Me series and literacy programs empower men and women of all ages in the Solomon Islands.

South Pacific Division (SPD)

[Solomon Islands] Real Me programs for young girls are not new throughout the South Pacific, but for the first time the Real Me program was held in 2019 for both girls and boys at the Kopiu Adventist High School in Guadalcanal. This may also be the first time Real Me was held for Adventist young men anywhere.

Women’s ministries has been involved for years in tackling illiteracy in several South Pacific countries. Earlier in the year Isabel Province held a graduation for Buk Save Literacy program. Men, women, young, and not so young who can now read participated in the celebration. What a blessing for them!

While at Kopiu Bay, Beverly Maega, the director of women’s ministries in the Solomon Islands, also partici­pated in Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day.

Contributed by Danijela Schubert, Women’s Ministries leader for South Pacific Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2019 Q4, Fall issue

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